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  1. the poke sweeper

    XY OU Gyara-Zone: The team that won the Round 86 and 87 Tutee Tournament

    Just wanna give you a little heads up. This team was designed to counter team my opponent in the final round. That being said, you will see sets that wouldn't make any sense on the ladder and some that just look stupid in general. Hello and welcome to my 4th RMT. Im not a good writer so bare...
  2. the poke sweeper

    Hit and Run: Volt-Turn

    Good ol' Volt-Turn. This is still a thing right? Oh well, doesn't matter because I'm using it. Hello and welcome to my RMT thread that will be focusing around Volt-Turn (go figure). This team started out as a way to get a friend of mine into hyper offence since she had gotten so comfortable to...
  3. the poke sweeper

    The Names Entei, Got it memorized?

    Hello and welcome to my 2nd and hopefully better structured RMT. As the name suggests, this team will be based more or less around Entei. This team was put together by a challenge issued by one of my friends and the catch was to grab whatever pokemon you had lying around in you box; needless to...
  4. the poke sweeper

    The Dynamic Duo!!! Charizard Y and Tyranitar Make A Stand!

    So I was looking around in the RMT forums looking for ideas when I see someone posted about ZardY. I believe it was titled "Cloudy with a 100% chance of Berries" I could be wrong. As I skimmed through the thread I saw 2 things that caught my eye, All out attacking ZardY is aggressive as hell...