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  1. Racists, and raising children to be racists

    I lold so hard at "I really don't want black people to be in our country... I want them to go back to where they used to be." considering that their race didn't start in America (whats up native americans). I don't give a shit about the parents, some people are retards and I can deal with...
  2. The World Cup of Pokemon III - Round Two

    cheers Aldaron, just sent PM
  3. The World Cup of Pokemon III - Round Two

    olo here we go Gouki vs MoP picklesword vs Jackal [kd8]otome vs Pilocus GG vs LonelyNess Taylor vs Michilele batpig vs COalex VIL vs Phuquoph due to team UK xd Jirachi268 vs Gormenghast dynamo vs Mysterious Stallion lol Lockon vs maddog hibachi vs Fade_Away omni vs TAY Foreys vs...
  4. The World Cup of Pokemon III - Round One

    Beat Mario with Lasers 1-0 in another very close match where I got a bit lucky. PMing log now. gg.
  5. The Soccer thread

    posting in thread to say if we win tomorrow I am going to go fucking nuts with delight - however i predict the usual, we outplay you lot yet lose by a single goal margin...
  6. The Soccer thread

    playing teams like schalke and fenerbache will be harder than people think - they've got nothing to lose at this stage with the giants, if they go into the match with the same mentality as Barnsley they'll be dangerous. oh and lol @ our overrated crowd comment, yes in the premiership and FA cup...
  7. The Soccer thread

    FALCON PAUNCH No fucking way, if Rafa gets sacked (which would be stupidity) and replaced with Mourinho the next time the americans come over here they'll be found in the river Mersey. As for the result, if we can continue our form and Arsenal can continue theirs... don't expect a dull 0-0...
  8. The World Cup of Pokemon III - Round One

    wasn't on sunday and yesterday due to some exams. Anyhow, still no response from Mario with Lasers, can someone help me contact him?
  9. The Soccer thread

    Taylor to be honest after last year's result I think you should be fearing more for your travelling fan's safety than your result ;l
  10. The Soccer thread

    indeed we play them 3 times in a week, imo Rafa will be fielding a weaker team in the prem.
  11. The Soccer thread

    o hay thar arsenal. Torres being injured during our prem match was bg, hopefully he'll be on top form against them this time.
  12. Do you enjoy the misery of others?

    depends on who they are and what they've done. I'm quite a vengeful person irl - i have no problems with someone getting screwed over if they have done things to me / my friends / my family. Meh, say what you want, that's me.
  13. The World Cup of Pokemon III - Round One

    heh team UK for the fucking win also Shiv, sorry I sent the title of the log as 3-0 rather than 2-0, so I sent you another PM but just to make sure posting it here as well. now then, can anyone help me make contact with Mario with Lasers? he isn't responding and I really need to do the battle...
  14. The World Cup of Pokemon III - Round One

    Beat Stalling 2-0, gg. Sending log. edit: garchomp fainted at the end mate, so i think it was 2-0 as much as I'd love 3-0 ;l
  15. The Soccer thread

    Haha oh fuck yes I was overjoyed when we won, get in torres. However it wasn't really a case of us playing well (bar masch as usual!), rather them playing pretty bad. Ibrahima-who? ;l
  16. The World Cup of Pokemon III - Round One

    You haven't my match, but I think that's because I sent the log to Jackal instead :x Sending now also am currently arranging a time to meet with Stalling, however no response from Mario with Lasers =\
  17. Which do you prefer to battle on, Shoddy or Wifi?

    Indeed. breeding and shit takes forever and is boring, while with Shoddy and soon to be competitior you can just get right down to the battling without worrying about IVs and Hidden Powers and such.
  18. The Soccer thread

    i don't believe we will keep a clean sheet, however I am confident of a win (on agg.) so I'll say 1-1, although I'd take a 2-1 to them as well =]
  19. The World Cup of Pokemon III - Round One

    Beat L_S 1-0, very close match. Gonna PM log in a sec (if needed), gg
  20. The Soccer thread

    Come on the redmen! =] Torres on fire as usual, an assist and another goal. going into italy with our heads up high. also well done to barnsley. Hope they go all the way, although Pompey will prolly win it.