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    Battle Maison Discussion & Records

    I got to 100 in super singles for the lansat berry using a quick durant team. Durant @ Choice Scarf Truant Jolly, 31/31/31/x/31/31 252 hp / 252 speed / 6 def -Entrainment -Protect -X Scissor -Iron Head Crawdaunt @ Focus Sash Adaptability Adamant, 31/31/31/x/31/31 252 attack / 252 speed / 6...
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    Favorite X and Y location

    The benches facing the waterfall in the 2nd gym
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    <57 Ice Fang <57 Crunch <57 SonicBoom <57 Growl <57 Water Sport <57 Quick Attack <57 Growl <57 Water Sport <57 Quick Attack <57 Water Gun <57 Pursuit <57 Swift <57 Aqua Jet <57 Double Hit <57 Whirlpool <57 Razor Wind <57 Aqua Tail <57 Agility...
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    Move re-learner for jigglypuff at level 56 shows sing defense curl pound play nice disable round rollout double slap rest body slam gyro ball wake up slap mimic hyper voice disarming voice double edge and as wigglytuff double edge play rough sing disable defense curl double slap
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    Roserade, Roselia and Budew

    for Roselia relearner says absorb Started with -Growth -Poison Sting -Stun Spore -Mega Drain 16 Leech Seed 19 Magical Leaf 22 GrassWhistle 25 Giga Drain 28 Toxic Spikes 31 Sweet Scent 34 Ingrain 37 Petal Dance 40 Toxic 43 Aromatherapy 46 Synthesis 50 Petal Blizzard looks like the only new...
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    Minecraft Discussion Thread

    1.8 is way too fun, me and a group of friends had plans to go onto a new server and make a town / houses, but it's too fun to just go out and explore. Settling down is gonna be REALLY HARD y'all.
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    Starcraft 2

    I love you Milkis, how does boxer smell??
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    Super Smash Bros 64, Melee, and Brawl thread

    Exclusive tech really doesn't mean much compared to all the things in melee you need to have a strict timing of. I can guarantee you right now that playing anything in melee is harder than in brawl. It might just be because of the level of competition though. I played Ice Climbers and Peach...
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    2011 Music

    New Washed Out was streaming on NPR, and listening to the album as a whole was pretty disappointing. Individual songs are pretty good, but nothing stood out (besides Amor Fati) and I hard a hard time getting through it all in one sitting. Really unfortunate, it was the album I was most looking...
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    2011 Music

    New Junior Boys hella danceable, Itchy Fingers a definite standout. All the singles from Washed Out's new album sound really good, really excited for the album. You and I Echoes Eyes Be Closed
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    2011 Music

    So far back The new Cults album is really good. A lot of what I was expecting, but still really solid.
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    2011 Music

    Whenever I scroll though album covers it seems like a million triangles Also witch house has been pretty quiet this year. Salem remix of Britney Spears was funny though.
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    2011 Music

    New Washed Out single "Eyes be Closed" is amazing, really looking forward to his new album. Twin Shadow was one of the few good things to come from 2010, Shooting Holes and Forget were really good.
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    Asians in the Ribrary - A rant gone virar.

    She obviously hasn't been around asians in the library long enough, how you mix up "yoboseyo" with "ching chong ling long" is a testament to her inexperience.
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    2011 Music

    Excited for new Junior Boys, I love everything they touch.
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    2011 Music

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    2011 Music

    New Strokes, Under Cover of Darkness is pretty good, but it might just because I haven't listened to the Strokes in a long time and I didn't know I missed the sound.
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    Realm of the mad god

    Wow rey, I should have played more, so far behind
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    2011 Music

    After all of Jack White's other projects I thought they had been broken up for awhile.
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    Espeon (Analysis)

    No, it was eevee and all eeveelutions. (From the dw thread)