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  1. The Next Best Thing - Sawk [Voting]

    Cool sets so far, I'm having trouble coming up with something to top these...
  2. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Looking to get back in over here, might as well start with the cool kids.
  3. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Sandstorm (Excadrill/Thundurus Banned)

    This is just an idea, but has anybody considered running Safeguard on a team to get Dragonite set up? If status is what ruins him, then give him 5 turns where he has a built in Lum Berry, plenty of time to get behind a sub or DD up, the same would work for Machamp come to think of it, I think...
  4. Switch Off Your Mind Tournament - Round One

    I'm going to drop out of this, internet at my vacation house is worse than I expected and the schedule is inconvenient, sorry to ciele, but now a sub gets in right?
  5. Ask an Uber Question, Get an Uber Answer (Read FAQs in First Post Before Asking)

    Jirachi's pretty alright on an Uber Rain Team, it provides a Dragon resist if you don't want to/are already running scizor, as for sets it can really vary. One is Special Defense Rachi, your usual Wish/Protect/Body Slam/Iron Head (you can fit U-Turn somewhere if you want) that spreads around...
  6. Prelude of Light (OU Sun + UU Subs) [Peaked at 7th]

    I'm going to second Alice's suggestion of Double Dance Terrakion, but I'll also try some other options out. (Looking it bringing back Sun Nido from earlier)
  7. Switch Off Your Mind Tournament - Sign-Ups

    Somebody get Fate over to GF, she has the good ideas. (Oh and in)
  8. The Pro-Choice Tournament - Round 2

    Jabba beat me in a close match. But he was totally hacking (3 Stone Edges in a row? What the hell is this?)
  9. The I Really Need to Get a Hobby Challenge!

    Hey something that I think needs clarification. Does the Poke need to be alive when he gets his KO? My Ttar ended up being the first poke outta the game, he got hit by a Drain Punch, but in the late game his sandstorm starts to KO things. Is he getting kills? BTW You've received a Luvdisc...
  10. The Pro-Choice Tournament - Round 1

    Oddly enough, I still haven't received a response from JabbaTheGriffin (why did I say that out?)
  11. Hilarious Conversations You Overheard

    I think the best one was a game of truth or dare, a guy got dare and he had to endure a minute of my friend sitting next to him and fantasizing about his girlfriend. The dare-ee is in Italics. "Right so I have this recurring sexual fantasy about you and your girlfriend where" "Oh not this...
  12. What do you expect from a Wifi Battler?

    Okay, to start things off, this isn't to discuss the wifi metagame etc. It's more to discuss the art of Wifi Battling/Casting in general. I've been thinking of trying to get into wifi battling, the more relaxed atmosphere and room for creative teams is appealing for me, at least until all the...
  13. The Pro-Choice Tournament - Round 1

    Messaged JabbaTheGriffin Oh god I'm fucked
  14. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Sandstorm (Excadrill/Thundurus Banned)

    Well I oughta tackle a pair of topics, lately on a few teams where I was using Chomp, I've started to run an offensive LO Donphan, the moveset pretty much always varies. But the constants are Earthquake and Ice Shard. It serves as a very nice Thunderus check, as Ice Shard is a 2HKO from Jolly LO...
  15. The Pro-Choice Tournament - Sign-Ups!

  16. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 4 - Blaze of Glory

    Just to keep discussion going strong, no hostile intentions towards the poster Agreed, Blaziken may be a problem for most of the meta, but it really just takes a bulky poke with EQ to put it down. But as it looks like Drizzle is going to disappear, it might become broken without Rain to keep...
  17. To break the bonds of Stereotypes, a CHAINChomp RMT!

    Thanks man! I'll give your recommended changes a shot!
  18. To break the bonds of Stereotypes, a CHAINChomp RMT!

    Introduction: Not that many people know me here, but I’ve been lurking for quite a while (even posting a generic Ubers RMT a little while back!) But I have yet to really involve myself with OU in Gen 5, that’s why I’m here now. More importantly, I finished school today, so might as well...
  19. Moody (Ubers Edition)

    I've seen Ingrain on Smeargle, it certainly helps but ultimately to me it's just leftovers recovery (I don't rely on Roar/WW to beat Moody, I use Thunder in the Rain from Gira-O) But yeah Ingrain is viable, personally I still like Shell Smash as it gives that vital guarantee that Smeargle will...
  20. Alien Species! San Jose Regional Warstory

    That is a fantastic Elektross you have there, the Acrobatics was GENIUS. All these VGC stories are making me consider picking up a cartridge and actually giving the wifi/VGC scene a shot!