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  1. Tobes

    Balthasar I've written a fantasy book, titled Balthasar, and will be publishing it for free on Patreon. The prologue and first chapter are currently published, and a new chapter will be posted every Tuesday. The story follows Balthasar Blackvale, a half-demon who aims...
  2. Tobes

    Partial-Trapping Moves in RBY

    Hello all. You might know me as that guy who uses Cloyster a lot and is consequently a massive hypocrite for bringing this subject up, but I feel that someone has to. SPL's right around the corner, so I feel that putting this topic on the table sooner rather than later is important. I think...
  3. Tobes

    How to Not Piss Off the PS! Staff

    hi skylight asked me to post this --- Introduction I remember the first time I joined Shoddy Battle. It happened about a year after I had started lurking the forums, and I was eager for the chance to apply all of the knowledge I thought I had accumulated. It was pretty exciting to finally be...
  4. Tobes

    Where you can get and give Pokebank Pokemon for VGC Donations greatly appreciated.
  5. Tobes

    VGC Winter Regionals Travel Arrangement Thread

    Post in this thread if you live in the state (or an adjacent state) of a Winter Regionals but are unable to attend by yourself and are looking for a ride, OR you are able to attend a Winter Regionals and are willing to give someone a ride. January 12th, Doswell, Virginia Needs a ride...
  6. Tobes

    Teambuilding Exercise - Plug the Gaps

    Teambuilding in VGC can be very different from teambuilding in Singles, as there are many more interactions between teammates that need to be accounted for. It's not uncommon to wind up at a core of four Pokemon that you'll use in most games. You can then try to cover that core's weaknesses with...
  7. Tobes


    Hi we have a new IRC channel dedicated to VGC discussion. Come chat with us!
  8. Tobes

    Talonflame Discussion

    Fire / Flying 78 / 81 / 71 / 74 / 69 / 126 Ability: Flame Body / Gale Wings Notable Moves: Brave Bird Flare Blitz Quick Guard Tailwind Taunt Will-O-Wisp Talonflame's claim to fame is its signature ability, Gale Wings. This ability gives all of its Flying-type moves (not just attacks) priority...
  9. Tobes

    VGC 2014 Combinations Thread

    A discussion thread for synergistic combos between two teammates, and additional teammates who help supplement the pair. Gengar @ Gengarite Levitate Timid 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe - Shadow Ball - Focus Blast - Substitute - Protect Greninja @ Focus Sash Torrent / Protean Timid 4 HP / 252...
  10. Tobes

    VGC 2014 Showdown Ladder is Up

    Big thanks to the developers!
  11. Tobes

    VGC Fall Regionals Travel Arrangement Thread

    Post in this thread if you live in the state (or an adjacent state) of a Fall Regionals but are unable to attend by yourself and are looking for a ride, OR you are able to attend a Fall Regionals and are willing to give someone a ride. October 13th, Pleasanton CA Needs a ride: Age of Kings...
  12. Tobes

    VGC 2013 Fall Regionals Important Information: Format: VGC 2013 Dates and Locations: October 13th, 2013 Alameda County Fairgrounds Building C 4501 Pleasanton Avenue Pleasanton, CA 94566 October 20th, 2013 Phoenix...
  13. Tobes

    VGC Metagame Ranking Thread

    Hello, this is our VGC metagame tiering thread. This thread is meant to help newer players get a grasp of where things stand in the metagame, and which Pokemon are the biggest threats. This'll hopefully also cut down on the incidents of people using shit like Milotic on the ladder. Anyway, brief...
  14. Tobes

    VGC Smogcast

    Hey we (myself, TFC, Biosci, and lucariojr) did a VGC Smogcast today. Here it is! We swear a lot so kinda NSFW
  15. Tobes

    [2013] Scrafty (QC Approved: 0/3)

    Free to a good writer [Overview] Good alternative to Hitmontop Handles Latios, Cresselia, etc. much better, but at the cost of being vulnerable to Hitmontop itself, Terrakion, etc. Some of this is mitigated by Intimidate Much more shallow movepool than Hitmontop [SET] name: Bulky Fake Out...
  16. Tobes

    [2013] Garchomp (QC: 2/3)

    Needs a writer! [Overview] great typing, both offensively and defensively strong, bulky, moderately fast sand veil makes it a cheating cunt probably the best physical dragon in vgc needs to watch out for faster dragons and fast ice-type moves outrage sucks, so relatively weak STABs...
  17. Tobes

    Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

    This has been making a pretty big splash in our circles lately, so I figure we might as well have a thread for it. Attack on Titan is a fairly new anime, based on the manga of the same name. Synopsis: Humanity has been driven to the brink of extinction by a race of creatures called Titans...
  18. Tobes

    [2013] Hitmontop (QC 2/3)

    I'll write this one [Overview] Very prominent Intimidate does work. Lots of it. Wide assortment of excellent support moves, quite a few of which are rare Great attack and a brutal STAB do a lot of damage even without much investment Can be hard to kill with proper defensive investment Great...
  19. Tobes

    VGC 2013 Analysis Revamps!

    Hey all. We're currently starting an extensive revamp project of our VGC analyses, and we'd love to have as many participants as possible. We'll be taking analyses one at a time and will be working thoroughly and extensively on each one, a la the ADV revamp project. You can either join in the...
  20. Tobes

    [2013] Cresselia (QC 0/3)

    This analysis is currently available to an experienced writer with VGC experience. [Overview] Possibly the best Pokemon in the metagame Bulky as all hell Tons and tons of support options: so many in fact that rather than make one support set it's easier to build a set around specific moves...