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  1. Smeargle's Studio Fourth Annual Secret Santa - FINAL DAY!

    Guys, pkblizzard's is good, but not as good as RODAN's and you know it.
  2. [LC] #RuffleHustle

    What set for Ponyta? How? It's been letting me play it so... Shouldn't the Male pass it down along with Ditto, along with Hustle?
  3. The Official Name-Pronunciation Guide

    Here's just how I pronounce Dragalge, Aegislash, Florges, and Vivillon: Dragalge: Druh - gahl - gee Aegislash: I (Hard I) - guh - slash [Like, I guh slash] Florges: Floor - jess Vivillon: Vivi - lawn Might as well include how I pronounce all of them: Chespin: Chess - pin Quallidin: Qwui - lad -...
  4. New/Creative movesets - Little Cup edition!

    How viable would choice band rufflet be?
  5. Ladder STABmons (the old one)

    Ok, has anyone looked at Porygon Z? Boomburst with Shell Smash and Adapatability... Most OP Thing out there.
  6. [LC] #RuffleHustle

    #RELEASED Introduction: Rufflet is such a qt3.14 ^-^! I'd been trying to find uses for it with Sheer Force, but it only got one worthwhile move that got boosted! Such a shame! Finally, the KRACKENeagle has been released! It is just an utter wrecking ball now! This RMT will consist of Pokemon...
  7. Other Most Improved Pokemon

    Everyone is thinking about one Scrappy Pokemon that got Boomburst, but what about the other one: Swellow may have a shitty base Special Attack stat of 50, but with Choice Specs and only two types resisting it, it can wreck. Here are some calculations: 252 SpA Choice Specs Swellow Boomburst vs...
  8. Starter Pokemon in Little Cup

    I'll write up more later, but damn, the two people above this post or so freaking optimistic it hurts.
  9. Freed Pokemon

    There's just one: immunity to Bug Buzz. But yeah, I agree, it is outclassed completely. I'm thinking Amaura will be used a lot more than Snover, just do to it being able to actually take on fire types and all.
  10. Freed Pokemon

    True, but Snover can choose to run Soundproof, which makes it immune to Bug Buzz on the switch.
  11. Ladder STABmons (the old one)

    Sorry if it is blatantly obvious or I just skipped it, but what about MegaMon? Does Gyarados now get Water, Flying, and Dark moves? If so, this set wrecks: Gyarados @ Gyaradosite Ability: Intimidate EVs: 188 Spd / 236 Atk / 84 SDef Adamant Nature - Dragon Dance - Waterfall - Earthquake - Sucker...
  12. Amaura

    Would it be alright for me to directly copy&paste this, or should I write up a new summary?
  13. Amaura

    Choice Scarf is nice and all, but after Rock Polish it reaches 28 Speed, and can switch moves. Although the not wasting a turn is pretty cool. And Snow Warning isn't released, we don't know how to get it yet, so I didn't think I should add a set into the OP.
  14. Amaura

    Amaura, the Tundra Pokemon {Amarusu アマルス} #698 Type: Rock / Ice Abilities: Refrigerate: Increases the power of Normal-type moves by 30%. It then changes those moves to Ice-type. Snow Warning [UNRELEASED]: Hailstorm blows when the Pokémon enters battle. As of X & Y, this lasts 5 turns. Stats...
  15. Starter Pokemon in Little Cup

    Chespin @ Berry Juice Ability: Bulletproof Level: 5 EVs: 108 Atk / 236 Def / 156 SDef Adamant Nature - Belly Drum - Stone Edge - Seed Bomb - Substitute Chespin was originally hated by me, but now, I think it is SO cute! This set is, in my opinion, going to be Chespin's most dangerous set. The...
  16. Item Assault Vest

    Well, I have a feeling that most of the time Barbaracle will be wanting Shell Smash, not Assault Vest, so.... It could be more useful in some situations but I really don't know, I haven't played too much with or against it.
  17. Item Assault Vest

    Hey, slight nitpick, but why not use Knock Off? It is 97 BP when the opponent has the item, and 65 when the target doesn't.
  18. Gengarite Tiering Discussion [read post #383]

    Why not just use Thunderbolt and kill off the Cloyster. Or just switch, one Pokemon ≠ bad.
  19. Instacheck Hotspot -- a fast Pokémon checker for XY

    Hope it worked!