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  1. Kier

    I'm glad! I always enjoyed our conversations, and to this day I still think of you and a certain...

    I'm glad! I always enjoyed our conversations, and to this day I still think of you and a certain few other Smogon/Shoddybattle members with fondness. These places were also ports in a storm during a lonely part of my life. And I am glad you are happier and healthier these days. I am doing very...
  2. Kier

    All Gens The Top 10 Players of All Time

    Earthworm all day. He has always been one of my favorite players and team builders. Others that come to mind after almost a decade of being away... Gouki, husk, and imperfectluck.
  3. Kier

    Hello there, Miss Alice. I am here reminiscing about the past--I wonder if you remember me...

    Hello there, Miss Alice. I am here reminiscing about the past--I wonder if you remember me (Foreys)? I hope you're well.
  4. Kier

    Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread

    i've been playing pokemon again lately, so i came here. this is what i look like:
  5. Kier

    What's In Your Everyday Kit?

    light is good. i also like to travel as light as possible so i'm always on the lookout for miniature versions of things. also, minor but exciting update: i got a pack of underwear today that came in a rectangular plastic zip bag. as i turns out, my ipad mini fits in there almost perfectly --...
  6. Kier

    hey there miss alice. glen and i were talking recently and smogon came up, we started...

    hey there miss alice. glen and i were talking recently and smogon came up, we started reminiscing about firebot and certain people on the site. we both agreed that you were such a positive force on smogon as we remember. how have you been?
  7. Kier

    What's In Your Everyday Kit?

    jumpluff that's a cute wallet! i also took my photo with my ipad which comes along with me some days, depending on where i'm going. i got it instead of a new laptop because the ipad was on sale for a ridiculous price and it does everything i would need a laptop for (besides gaming). the jar is...
  8. Kier

    What's In Your Everyday Kit?

    nice. i never really take a bong with me, just seems like more trouble than it's worth but back before i dropped all my pipes i used to carry one of those with me. my friends back home are really superstitious about white lighters (because "kurt cobain died with one," oOoOo) but not so much...
  9. Kier

    What's In Your Everyday Kit?

    hey everyone. i was getting my stuff together before heading out today and i thought it would be interesting to examine the things i take with me every day, and to see what other essential (or non-essential) items other people keep in their every day kit. here's a picture of mine: we have here...
  10. Kier

    garage (NOT the clothing company[also not the car hole])

    come off it man, i like dad music. my friend did the intro vocals for battle of evermore. not really. he says it all the time and i think it's funny because he thinks it's funny. i'll plug my friend's band, dads. here's their song invisible blouse. listen to it! i feel like it's garage-y...
  11. Kier

    Minecraft Discussion Thread

    1.8 is amazing guys. i just died on my first survival world of the patch... spawned in a biome of what seemed like dense, 'deciduous' trees and walked a bit due southwest to a collection of small hills, wild grass and many pigs. i built my first night's house at the top of one of the hills and i...
  12. Kier

    Starcraft 2

    just got done with my placement matches -- 5 for 5 baby, platinum league! ended it with a zvz which is arguably my worst matchup. guess i wasn't as rusty as i thought. still, there's a lot that needs to be refined in my play, so if any experienced zerg players have advice to give, i'd appreciate...
  13. Kier

    Starcraft 2

    hey yeah. i played a lot about half a year ago. starcraft 2 is my first rts so i had to learn as i went... i made it to high gold league by the time i stopped. i play zerg. i've actually thought about picking it back up recently, so if i do i'll find and post my character code (username is...
  14. Kier

    the do you do music thread

    very cool man. to the guitarists in here: do you guys use effects pedals and if so, what do you use/what have you got your eyes on? i've gotten my hands on some pretty nice pedals over the years (mostly from my dad when he ends up not using them). here's what i have on my pedalboard: ibanez...
  15. Kier

    A "The One"

    i believe in a 'the one' and that my 'the one' is parker posey i also believe in this: i know that feel bro more seriously, i suppose it can't hurt to believe in a 'the one' (i love how awkwardly this is worded) but i mean, it's no guarantee that you will ever find your 'the one' or that...
  16. Kier

    Fun Sporcle game - Pokemon or Drugs?

    you know, some pokemon names would make for good drug names. i would definitely smoke some shiny bayleef if my chikorita didn't mind it.
  17. Kier

    Moving to the Suburbs

    i only say onstensibly because i don't remember the news story mentioning race outside of the family in question... but they were white, i mean c'mon
  18. Kier

    the do you do music thread

    @smith: i gave it a listen. i like the chord progression and dynamics of the recording very much -- you guys do a good job of building the song up. i also like how the clean tone on the guitar sounds, though i think i would've gone for a subtler phaser effect on the piano. good stuff!
  19. Kier

    Moving to the Suburbs

    housing discrimination absolutely still exists. i saw a news story the other day about a black family who were being harassed by their ostensibly white neighbors, to the point of vandalism and threats of violence. this happened in what i would say was an upper middle class neighborhood, though i...
  20. Kier

    Favorite AC/DC song?

    definitely THUNDERSTRUCK for me