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  1. Simonds

    USUM UU Viability Ranking Thread V2

    Sad to say, but I have to agree on this. The 'Kiss can't do anything against the most popular megas or against trick room, and its stallbreaking set isn't as effective as it used to be either. It can still work as a supportive mon or an unconventional choice user, but its "main" set should be...
  2. Simonds

    np: SM UU Stage 4.1 - Shine [Weavile & Gardevoir-Mega banned]

    I agree wholeheartedly with what Brock Obama wrote above. BL is basically a threatlist of pokemon deemed offensively overbearing for UU. Any offensively overbearing pokemon with fantastic typing or significant utility (especially hazard setting/removal) is probably already OU by usage. While I...
  3. Simonds

    SM UU Viability Ranking Thread Mark Three

    Discussion points: Klefki A- --> A or A+ Disagree with this nom. I think A- is a good place for Klefki. It is a great support mon and the premier spikes user in the tier but it brings almost zero offensive presence and allows free switches for dangerous dark, ground, or steel types depending...
  4. Simonds

    np: SUMO UU Stage 1 - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

    I am surprised that people feel Mewnium-Z isn't broken. It is among the strongest nukes in the tier (comparable to scarfed Darmanitan's flare blitz or life orb Hydreigon's Draco Meteor) but it doesn't deal recoil damage or drop Mew's stats in any way. Instead it provides a buff to it's stab...
  5. Simonds

    SM UU Viability Ranking Thread

    I included Dhelmise as a bit of a joke. It might be a bad mon but it still destroys Keldeo. I don't know why you're taking issue with my calcs, as I literally went through the viability list from top to bottom to demonstrate how non-specs Keldeo fares against bulky waters and psychics in the...
  6. Simonds

    SM UU Viability Ranking Thread

    With all the nominations for pokemon rising up the tier, I thought I'd nominate one to drop a bit: Keldeo A+ -> A I really believe Keldeo does not hold up to the standard of the other mons in the A+ tier. Most teams naturally pack a check to its STAB combination (most bulky psychics or bulky...
  7. Simonds

    np: SUMO UU Stage 1 - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

    Just wanted to point out that offensive variants of Whimsicott can also deal with the shark pretty easily if it's carrying psychic fangs as its coverage move. Hard switch Whimsi on the protect and it can take any attack from M-Sharpedo, even after stealth rocks OR 2 layers of spikes (psychic...
  8. Simonds

    np: SUMO UU Stage 1 - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

    I actually think Staraptor might fare a better chance of sticking in UU if it's retested down the line. The release of existing megas will help to check it offensively (M-Pidgeot and M-Sceptile both outspeed and OHKO non-scarfed raptor after rocks) and defensively (M-Steelix and M-Aggron both...
  9. Simonds

    SM UU Simple Questions Thread

    Can someone explain to me why I keep seeing pokes like Victini and Starraptor in UU games? I thought they were quickbanned during UU beta.