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  1. 6tennis

    Pokemon Previews: Explanation and Reservation

    Loving this new format! I will take Nihilego, then.
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    BSS Teambuilding & Help Thread (SuMo Edition Reloaded 2.0) Team finally built. Any advice?
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    Singles 3v3 General Discussion

    It's just way too vulnerable defensively. Run Galvanize, and you lose the ability to survive a hit unless you use a Focus Sash, in which case you lose power. If you're using Sturdy, then you lose the benefit that Galvanize gives, so it's a tradeoff, and neither outcome is favorable.
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    BSS Teambuilding & Help Thread (SuMo Edition Reloaded 2.0) I need to decide which of these teams I'm going to use for the Circuit. I also could use some help making them not bad. send help pls? \o/
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    Tournament SM Kickoff Tournament! (Won by Theorymon!)

    at least you're honest about it
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    Nihilego (Singles) (QC: 0/3)

    cant say higher poison chance, and i'm pretty sure sludge bomb already OHKOs everything it needs to. I can't think of any scenario in which the small extra power is a big benefit off the top of my head, but who knows.
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    Nihilego (Singles) (QC: 0/3)

    [OVERVIEW] Everyone's favorite squid parasite is here to put in work in Battle Spot Singles! Nihilego's offensive prowess comes from several factors. Nihilego has an amazing Speed tier of 103, putting it 1 point above Garchomp. Its typing is good both offensively and defensively, allowing it to...
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    Twitch Battle Spot Twitch Streams & Replay Codes Thread

    Alright, this time I'm actually going to stream. Will play some BSS on Showdown, could switch over to VGC later if I have time. Tune in on!
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    Tournament SM Kickoff Tournament! (Won by Theorymon!)

    bobo's predicts are wrong, tmon is carrying steela so he's invulnerable
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    Battle Spot Pokemon Skeleton Reservation

    reservingnihilegoreservingnihilegoreservingnihilegoreservingnihilegoreservingnihilegoreservingnihilegoreservingnihilegoreservingnihilegoreservingnihilegoreservingnihilegoreservingnihilegoreservingnihilegoreservingnihilego did i get it in time? reservingnihilego
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    Online Competition Battle of Alola [POST YOUR RESULTS!]

    i have and i'm saying it's dumb that they haven't fixed it
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    Tournament SM Kickoff Tournament! (Won by Theorymon!)

    rip hula 2016-2016 getting too old for this shit
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    BSS Good Sets For New Mons Compendium

    i mean bottle caps technically get you 252 SpA hp fire lele but sweet core man
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    Rules Forum Rules and Simple Questions/Answers

    sash rocks if you want to punish switches and set up a sweep scarf if you want to revenge kill literally everything relevant except celesteela use hp ice timid
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    Rules Forum Rules and Simple Questions/Answers

    If you're going to take LF's Solgaleos, you won't have to worry about training them, as they come battle ready.
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    Singles 3v3 General Discussion

    Confirming that random Z-Crystals are performing outstandingly well in all Battle Spot formats, both in-game and on Pokemon Showdown!. It gives a lot of common threats that are already really versatile the ability to just randomly nuke things for no apparent reason. It also beats Protect, so yay...