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  1. Luck O' the Irish

    Sub Toxic Mantine [GP 2/2]

    [SET] name: SubToxic move 1: Substitute move 2: Toxic move 3: Scald move 4: Air Slash item: Leftovers ability: Water Absorb nature: Modest evs: 8 HP / 248 SpA / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Moves ======== Substitute allows Mantine to dodge status moves and take advantage of bulky mons in general...
  2. Luck O' the Irish

    ORAS NU bring leppa berries (peaked #1)

    Hello Smogon, My name is Luck O' the Irish and I'm here with a team that some of you in the NU community might recognize, and it's a team that has had success in multiple tours and peaked number 1 on the ladder, demonstrating its effectiveness. Nah just kidding this team was a meme team I made...
  3. Luck O' the Irish


    [OVERVIEW] Camerupt holds a firm niche in the tier thanks to its defensive typing, which allows it to counter Rotom, a massive and common threat in the metagame, and absorb Will-O-Wisp. With decent bulk when invested, it is also a solid user of Stealth Rock, making it a good support option for...
  4. Luck O' the Irish

    ORAS NU SAVAGE- Sticky Web Offense

    Hey guys, Luck O' the Irish here with a team I imagine many of you will at least recognize, in part perhaps because of my usage of it against Can-Eh-Dian in an NU tourney battle, but also because of various players who are much more well known than me spamming it on the ladder. The team even...
  5. Luck O' the Irish

    Luck O' the Irish's Trade Thread: Updated for Sun and Moon

    Welcome to Luck O' the Irish's Trading Thread! Some general info: dont trade hacks and shit everything is organized alphabetically by generation Don't really care what you do with normal breedables, but with shinies and legends please follow the redistribution rules I set, unless we agree...
  6. Luck O' the Irish

    Luck O' the Irish's Trade Thread

    Welcome to Luck O' the Irish's Trading Thread! Before I get to the available mons, just some quick info: Obviously no hacks, but clones are fine. Be as specific as possible when making offers. If you need to take some time to breed, by all means do so. But for all that is good keep in touch...