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  1. Mulligan

    #NSFW: an attempt at Quickstall

    #NSFW an attempt at Quickstall Introduction So...yeah, anyone that kinda sorta follows me around here (3 people) knows that my last RMT was my going-away party. Obviously, since you are reading this in a RMT forum, that isn't quite the case. I wouldn't exactly say this is a...
  2. Mulligan

    [W.I.P] Moltres

    Pontiac. [Pros] <ul> <li>Base 125 SpA is still beast</li> <li>Fire/Flying STABs provide good offensive coverage</li> <li>Typing also resists common priority like Bullet Punch and Mach Punch</li> <li>Also resists Bug, Fairy, Grass and is immune to Ground fwiw</li> <li>Has just enough in its...