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  1. Articuno64

    Victoria VGC Warstory

    First of all, thanks to Mark for organizing this, his events are always a blast. I made a day trip to Victoria with Eraddd, Team Rocket Elite, TRE's brother R Inanimate, Chinese Dood, and Sally, Chinese Dood's girlfriend. 18 people participated in the tournament. We had 5 rounds of swiss and...
  2. Articuno64

    My LCQ Indianapolis story

    I don't want to spend an entire day writing a war story again, so this will be much shorter than my Seattle story. Also, so much awesome stuff happened this weekend that it would be impossible to give it the chronicle it deserves. Hopefully those of you who couldn't make it have a chance to look...
  3. Articuno64

    Seattle Warstory - Parasect's Day on Top

    This is a story of perseverance. It's a story of dedication. It's a story of a Pokemon who has waited 3 generations for his chance to shine. That chance finally arrived on May 8th, 2010, and he grabbed it with both his claws and didn't let go. Let's meet the cast of characters, shall we...