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  1. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    @Pwnemon, take a Skorupi named Toxic. It cannot use any SE moves, cannot use any moves with a base power greater than 60 unless it's NVE, and must solo Byron.
  2. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Actually, I missed that it was a solo run :( Sorry! Can't think of a good solo challange, so just ignore my post.
  3. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    @Smaug, take a Rhyhorn named Slowpoke. No STAB, and solo Pryce.
  4. Luigi's Mansion Mafia - GAME OVER! DEGs and Lady Salamence win!

    Lynch auramaster My disappointing ending is disappointing, sorry team :(
  5. Luigi's Mansion Mafia - GAME OVER! DEGs and Lady Salamence win!

    I'm not even gonna try to argue against that... I'm Mafia, that's my role PM, ALL EVIL GHOSTS AND NEUTRALS CLAIM TO ME AND I'LL GET YOU IN CONTACT WITH MY TEAM. Also, Silencing US is fun :P
  6. Ask an Uber Question, Get an Uber Answer (Read FAQs in First Post Before Asking)

    Our opinions about Uber or not Uber doesn't matter. Any Pokemon banned from OU is Uber, based on how powerful it is in the OU tier. Although, since any Pokemon can be used in Uber battles, the tier list doesn't affect us.
  7. [Beginner] Luigi's Mansion Mafia - Sign-ups

    Finally a new Beginner game :) P1
  8. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    @Adm. Empoleon, take a Wooper named Slick. It can only know one of: Water Gun, Mud Shot, Mud Bomb, and Slam. It cannot evolve unless it solos a Grass pokemon that is no more then 5 levels lower then Slick. Also, it can only know one of: Surf, Earthquake, and Ice Beam. @J3str, take a Slowpoke...
  9. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    @BboyEtoyzFSF, Also, take a Finneon named Fishy. This Finneon has always been made fun of for being weak and useless, nothing compared to other Water Pokemon, and Fishy wants to prove them wrong. It must show its versatility by always knowing 4 moves of different types, and must show its...
  10. Cartoons

    The fact that no one has yet mentioned Tom and Jerry or Popeye amazes me O_o Those two, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Avatar are by FAR my favorites. Does anyone else think the recent cartoons are a lot worse then the cartoons from 10-15 years ago? I love cartoons, but most of the newer ones...
  11. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    @TalkingLion, take a Trapinch named Powerhouse. This Trapinch is strong, very strong with 100 Base Attack and STAB Earthquake from TM's! It even evolves to a Dragon! And, if that wasn't enough, that Dragon you will get is OU in Gen 3! And, just for you to help your Scramble, no restrictions...
  12. Avatar: The Legend of Korra first official trailer up

    Been following this pretty closely since it was announced since Avatar is one of my favorite cartoons ever :) It was originally supposed to be 13 episodes, but they changed it to 26, hopefully the growing excitement will make them want to change it again :) iirc Korra learns Water, Earth, and...
  13. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    @Dummy007, take the Houndour. If its ability is Early Bird, it must attempt to solo every Flying type; if its ability is Flash Fire, it must attempt to solo every Fire type (I'm defining an XD Solo as Houndour being the only one to attack it). If it faints while attempting a solo, your poor...
  14. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    @Its_A_Random, just north of Iccirus City, take a Mienfoo. As a trained fighter who must focus his skills on his fighting skill of choice, he must have the ability Inner Focus, and it can only know 1 Fighting move. If it KO's a Pokemon in a major battle, you must say (Scream if you can) "MIENFOO...
  15. The Same-Type Tournament (Sign-Ups)

    EDIT: Withdrawing
  16. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    @Hydrattler, take a Poliwag named Poli. After using a move in battle, it is Choice-locked and cannot use any other move. It cannot evolve to Poliwhirl unless its Ability activates, and it cannot evolve to Poliwrath unless it solos Koga.
  17. What Kind of D&D Character Are You

    True Neutral Elf Wizard/Cleric (1st/1st Level) Ability Scores: Strength- 8 Dexterity- 11 Constitution- 10 Intelligence- 15 Wisdom- 11 Charisma- 11 I really wish someone would start an IRC D&D game :(
  18. Got Arceus? Sign-Ups!