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  1. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    I still think it would be better and easier in every way to just do a nether railway. There are ways to keep pigs from spawning on the tracks, and it takes very little effort to work out portal issues. I would never even use an overworld rail system anyways, because as it is, it's significantly...
  2. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    I was actually talking about this a while ago on the server. I think if we did a PvP style thing it would be really fun in like teams of 2 or 3, and if there was a full day/night cycle of peace before any fighting took place. Also it's not at all just grinding for apples and gold. In fact, I...
  3. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    itt sal asks rhetorical questions
  4. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    I'm an unlucky gopher D:
  5. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Yo my fps was only 1000 but I fixed it now it's back to 5270 phew
  6. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    itt we learn that Mas and RG can perform inception
  7. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Froko, Boromir, Splandalf, and Grumbli have entered Mordor...!
  8. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Same thing happened to me, that's why I've just given up on enchanting until Jeb realizes it's total garbage and fixes it. Also that Anvil thing means my plans for the jungle city just got a whole lot better...
  9. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Just don't leave it looking like shit. Dig a big hole in a flat area, then put cobble a layer below with sand on top so the desert still looks the same.
  10. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    OPLV our people like vlosingatoosos
  11. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Attn Smogcraft users! PLANETOID PANIC Another OO type map, this one is a bit different though. Up to eight players in a free for all, trying to get a different block type from each of the planets before everyone else! It's basically all done, but I am in need of beta testers for balance etc...
  12. Minecraft Discussion Thread

  13. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    I really think we should do a nether minecart station this time around, it's soooo much faster, it doesn't take as much iron, and there are plenty of ways to keep pigmen from spawning inside.
  14. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Yeah there is, enchantments for the bow are Power, Punch, Infinity, and Flame. Power is super ridiculous and the best IMO, one shots any mob at level V. Punch is like Knockback, Flame is like Fire Aspect, and Infinity is infinite arrows as long as you have at least one in your inventory.
  15. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    There are very few cases in which enchanting at anything other than level 50 is better, which is one of the main reasons why the enchanting system is so bad. I wouldn't mind the random way enchantments are chosen if you didn't have to click for half an hour to get the level you want (slider...
  16. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    az since when is that the case? p sure this means both polls are independent, so we would do both if most people say yes on both.
  17. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    You can use mods or x-ray textures and whatever you want in SP, but let's please keep Smogcraft as vanilla as possible. X-Ray isn't using a mod, but I consider it at least as bad because you can accomplish the exact same effect without cheating at all. (glowstone/TNT and pistons)
  18. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    I will help with lighting up the caves. (best job js) Also, let's not build a gigantic mob tower, they are ugly as sin. We can just as easily build one underground, which also gives us lots of resources from digging it out.
  19. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Bukkit has a stable build out already. The server is all set up, basically all it needs is a preliminary spawn setup and then the IP will be revealed. (correct me if I'm wrong on this)