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  1. SPACE FORCE meeps

    SM NU hail veil

    Introduction this is the prototypical NU aurora veil team. while i was not the first one to use veil in the tier, i did create this archetype of veil which rapidly popularized the playstyle in the tier, and was noticed by the council as potentially unhealthy during beta, but it was kept nu with...
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    NU Alolan Raticate

    [OVERVIEW] Alolan Raticate is a dangerous wallbreaker with a Hustle-boosted Attack stat of 397 along with nearly unresisted STAB coverage allowing it to OHKO most of the tier after a Swords Dance boost bar bulky Rock- and Steel-types such as Rhydon, Regirock, and Steelix. Sucker Punch makes...
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    NU Oricorio-Baile

    [OVERVIEW] Oricorio-F's Fire / Flying typing allows it to take advantage of Steelix, the most common Pokemon and Flying-type counter in the tier, along with checking popular Grass-type Pokemon such as Sceptile, Whimsicott, and Vileplume. With access to a powerful STAB Flying attack in Hurricane...
  4. SPACE FORCE meeps

    Jumpluff [Revamp] [QC 0/3]

    Jumpluff [Overview] Known as fast SubSeed user in previous generations with little offensive presence Flying Gem and Acrobatics gives Jumpluff an offensive niche Can be a surprising sweeper with excellent speed and Swords Dance Perfectly capable of setting up Sunny Day Still a usable SubSeed...
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    Simipour [Revamp] [QC 2/3]

    Simipour <p>Simipour lives in the NU tier, with other fellow powerful Water-types such as Ludicolo, Samurott, and Seismitoad. Due to the dominance these Pokemon have in the tier, Simipour is usually overlooked by many players. The monkey still has its niches in the tier, most notably Nasty Plot...