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  1. bye

  2. Multi Gen Ubers Player of the Week · [Week #8: Sweep]

    Malamar is a cool squid, but Octillery is garbage. Evidence of Malamar's beastness (DO NOT TICKLE IT): IDK what this is but I bet it's anime related, so I would not get the reference unless this is a Pokemon or a mamodo. Steve <3 if I...
  3. ORAS OU The Voice of the Rain

    keep omastar its amazing i killed ppl in ost with it (btw ez amoog hates omastar lol...also oma is base 418 in the rain jesus christ, you're way off) swampert sucks but whatever
  4. i will upload everything ubers related tomorrow!!

    i will upload everything ubers related tomorrow!!
  5. Hack is the new Ubers Co-Leader

    Hack has put in a ton of work into the subforums over the past few years, and is widely respected by both the Ubers and the tournament community. Fireburn, SS and myself all agree he is fit to take on this role as I step down and move onto the great beyond of student teaching this fall. He will...
  6. ORAS NU Stage 15 Suspect Voting

    Tauros: Ban
  7. Arceus Ghost revamp QC [3/3] GP [2/2]

    Cranham pls ,___,
  8. amazing avatar

    amazing avatar
  9. Goodbye

    Hi (and bye). I am writing this message to inform the Ubers community that I am no longer going to be running this tier alongside Fireburn. In fact, between increased work hours and student teaching in the fall, I figure this would be an excellent time to hang my Pokemon career up for good. I...
  10. Gen 5 No Genesect Subforum Tournament (won by Hack)

    lol amazing...ok THREE SUBS ok no more subs
  11. Gen 5 No Genesect Subforum Tournament (won by Hack)

    Round 1 Ice Tea VS Peli White Lion18 VS orch Aurora VS computeraddict9 Evuelf VS benbe hyw VS Level 56 Duncajuwon VS Edgar Alice Kazumi VS Asmodean astroboy VS posij Leru VS ZoroDark SparksBlade VS Haruno Hack VS Camilas Arii Stella VS Pohjis Cranham VS 0kay Solgaleo VS Mysterious M...
  12. PSPL IV: Top 16 Playoffs

    lost, i probably should have claimed activity considering my opp was a half hour late after missing first scheduled time so sorry team :__:. GG
  13. Gen 6 Creative / Underrated Ubers Sets: v4 (Gimmicks not welcome)

    To creep defensive Yveltal so they cannot Roost stall your stone edges; you also jump slight sped crep donner / defensive kyogre / ho-oh. I considered Adamant but imo the 243 speed can be clutch.
  14. Ludicolo (Ubers) [GP 1/2] ready for 2nd GP

    thanks, this is rdy for 2nd gp (and ye I meant choiced locked users so spam should be alright there)
  15. Gen 6 Creative / Underrated Ubers Sets: v4 (Gimmicks not welcome)

    Tyranitar @ Choice Band Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Pursuit - Stone Edge - Crunch / Low Kick - Earthquake Love this set rn, pursuit trapping giratina-O / lati@s can rip open holes for offensive variants of both primals and the rock resists in this...
  16. Gen 6 ORAS Ubers Viability Ranking Thread (Final ORAS Update - Post #1164)

    Not to hijack this thread, but I am going to hijack this thread for a second for a trip down memory lane~ Golly gee, it sure is fascinating to take a look at what we all thought the metagame was like when we...
  17. Gen 5 No Genesect Subforum Tournament (won by Hack)

    Hi, we will be running a BW2 Ubers subforum tournament without Genesect, because Mewtwo has feelings and I am curious how some HO will alter their builds with Scarf Genesect soft checking / revenging so much of the metagame. So, that's it then. Have fun! Rules: Each round is a best of 3...
  18. Ubers Ubers Spring Seasonal - Grand Finals [Won by Level 56]

    the 23rd is beyond ridiculous when you've apparently been playing for other tournaments (at least RU seasonal), come on,,,,,,