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  1. Poliwrath

    If you do run Belly Drum Swift swim, for the love of god, please run immunities for fighting / water. Ditto is rape
  2. Venusaur (Uber Analysis)

    The Growth set wants to be mixed. Power Whip can net a OHKO on Bliss and EQ has more power than HP Ground. HP Fire should be an option too, as it still deals with steel and get a boost from sun.
  3. Skarmory

    Drill Peck > Brave Bird now more than ever with the Upgrade to Sturdy.
  4. Genesect

    Rash 236 Spe Scarf Genosekt outspeeds Deoxys-A :) Who runs U-turn / Thunderbolt / Ice Beam / Flamethrower and who runs Bug Buzz over one of those?
  5. Nidoking

    Nidoking loves butterfly dance BPs. Opposing Dittos get raped by Ground Immunity when they Earth Power.
  6. Reuniclus (Analysis)

    I've been using this guy a lot. Leftovers should be an option on the Calm Mind + Recover Set. He also doesn't need Psycho Shock on that set because he beats Bliss/Chansey anyway, Psychic is better in my experience.
  7. Roobushin (Skeleton)

    248 HP / 16 Atk / 244 SDef, Adamant For the Bulk Up Set. It gives Roopushin 37% better defence on the special side. And only loses 18% of its power. It lets Roopushin beat Gengar, Shandera, Latios, and other special attackers. It also lets him beat bulky waters more easily.
  8. Dragonite

    Brick Break > Earthquake. Balloon Doryuuzu, Nattorei, OHKO ttar without dance, still ohko heatran, hurt skarm a bit more, gets rid of screens.
  9. Dragonite

    Draco Meteor / Brick Break / Fire Blast / Extremespeed lead is pretty cool Gale / Thunder / Surf / Focus Blast is pretty cool in rain Dragon Dance / Dragon Claw / Brick Break / Roost is better than before overall versitile & powerful pokemon which will stay OU this gen
  10. Feraligatr

    wow your post is so sure that this rumour is true.
  11. Conkeldurr

    that stuff is largly based on speed. you should proberbly put speed and special attack on the same level to avoid false outcomes.
  12. Espeon

    t-tar says hi with crunch to your 60/65 defences. he lols at grass knot too.
  13. Conkeldurr

    guts bulk up hammer arm with mach punch when the trick room ends. beast
  14. Feraligatr

    +1 Jolly LO Crunch wont KO Burunkeru :( +2 will though Adamant Life Orb Aqua Jet does 70 ish to Doryuuzu which is pretty cool. ^^^^ - encourage cancels life orb recoil link:,Item,45269545.html
  15. Feraligatr

    Feraligatr needs more hype. Life Orb recoil is negated, that plus the already amazing 1.3 boost and we've got a monster. Jolly Dragon Dance is amazing. Swords Dance is incredible. +2 LO +nature Crunch ohkos burunkeru. Aqua Jet for shandera/doryuuzu CRUNCH + AQUA JET FOR DITTO. beast
  16. Excadrill

    personally don't think thats a very good idea he needs rock slide for more things than he needs return. erufuun is ohko'd without cotton guard. he cant set up on him and cant directly beat him. with cotton guard however he can beat him, along with many other physical threats.
  17. Excadrill

    Return Doryuuzu can't do shit to cotton guard erufuun. I dont think we'll be seeing many of them though as x-scissor is pretty good coverage move for him.
  18. Excadrill

    Garchomp does horrible damage with fire fang and needs a very defensive spread not to be ohko'd. most hippos can even touch dory and roaring is hardly a good option, hippo will be finished off by something else and dory is still at 100%, great! Swampert can't ohko. whats your point exactly...
  19. Excadrill

    Erufuun has encore too. Mischeivous Heart cotton guard should have potential. Doryuuzu is an extreme example, but something like gyarados doesnt stand a chance and they cant switch in and they cant revenge kill or counter this erufuun can, and it can counter other stuff too.
  20. Excadrill

    Hippo/Swampert/Garchomp can't even check balloon dory Breloom dies to SD Life Orb X-scissor, Nattorei gets 2kod. rohpushin needs iron fist for the ko. Really nice set that works vs other physical threats: Erufuun @ leftovers, bold 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef Cotton Guard (+3 Defence) Stun...