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  1. antemortem

    The UU Open VIII - Signups

  2. antemortem

    Pokemon Sword & Shield Discussion RD: 15/11/2019 **Official news only**

    depending on its tanking capabilities it could be a sacrificial tangrowth-esque speed bomb I'm also here for the dark knight variation of Skarmory, that could be fun if it has something unique going for it
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    Resource USUM AG Viability Rankings

    Back to our regularly scheduled programming, folks. Quit engaging in non-VR-related discussion in this thread.
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    CAP 26 - Art Poll 1

    StephXPM thebangzats Yilx Slapperfish DougJustDoug
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    Smogon Staff and Promotions

    Jordy is an OU Forum Moderator, and talkingtree is now Site Staff Badge Leader!
  6. antemortem

     Smogon Reactions Contest

    I know it's been some time since this started, but I've received entries as late as this 4 days ago, so I'll finally set a hard deadline of 48 hours from now before we officially move forward to make sure that everyone gets their word in.
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    Smogon Staff and Promotions

    The Dutch Plumberjack is now (officially) co-leader of Contributions & Corrections!
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    Pokémon Showdown Staff Promotions

    03/30/2019 - Decem was promoted to Driver!
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     Smogon Reactions Contest

    Received a handful of entries; going to set a soft deadline of about a week from now, so send 'em my way.
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    Smogon Staff and Promotions

    xavgb is now a CAP Analyses Moderator!
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    Small Forum Updates

    I'm back... and so is the new and improved Video Game Championships forum! It's gotten a very noticeable face lift and been pared down considerably: there is now only one subforum that houses all competitive VGC discussion. Furthermore, the 2019 Ultra Series analysis writing process has been...
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     Smogon Reactions Contest

    Or we can preserve an established classic while concurrently adopting new elements to keep things fresh. :psyglad:
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    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    Shivershaft -> Netherious
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     Smogon Reactions Contest

    Luvdiscs are a Smogon staple that have historically represented Likes.
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     Smogon Reactions Contest

    Hi everyone. After 334 votes were cast, 53.9% of participating badgeholders chose for us to keep all of our current reactions (sans "Dislike" / thumbs down) and make them Pokemon-themed! I wanted to continue the trend of community participation by opening up the styling of our reactions to...
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    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    You'll have to use the damage calc. A few, though the only one I can think of off the top of my head is the Battle-by-Post forum.
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    New Style Smogon Festive

    It's back! I've renamed it to Smogon Festive, and it will remain usable year-round (with some surprises come the holidays). Most bugs should be fixed, but post in the issues/suggestions thread if anything comes up. :blobthumbsup:
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    Smog Awards 2018: Results

    I finally won an avatar-related award, this has been five years waiting suck my arse AM