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  1. Listen All Y'all This Is Sabotage! (3K w/56k warning)

    I am a boyish girl. I can't believe it's only been a year and a half since I started regularly going on #feto. It seems to have been way longer than that. Thanks for the mention.
  2. Reuniclus

    Wait. Stop. Why would Reuniclus use Calm Mind when Murkrow is in KO range of another Focus Blast whether he uses Roost or not?
  3. Pokemon White no EXP speedrun video playthrough

    Time to finish this up. Segments 7-1 through 7-2: Segment 7-1: There are fortunately only 2 mandatory battles in the entirety of Mt. Neji - I probably could not have survived more than that, as Zeburaika does not match up very well against the...
  4. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    There is no cue in the game that tells the player "congratulations, you beat post-game." We can define post-game to be arbitrarily large like battling every single trainer or small like just plowing through the Elite 4 again.
  5. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    Exactly. So if a current top tier Pokemon makes the entire game easy and Urugamosu makes post-game easy, then the current top tier Pokemon is twice as good as Urugamosu.
  6. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    It doesn't make sense that a Pokemon who doesn't need grinding but only contributes for post-game can be in the same tier as Pokemon who don't need grinding but contributed for the entire game, does it?
  7. Claw Sharpen

    +1 acc is 4/3 times the base accuracy. Moves with 75 acc and above become 100 acc after +1 acc.
  8. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    It's available for the post-game part of the game only. That alone nullifies its chances of being anywhere near top tier. Unless you're talking about a post-game only tier list, in which case I agree.
  9. Whimsicott

    Then you'd find your Jarooda up against a Heatran. You don't have the advantage. Also, everyone knows that Erufuun runs Taunt. You're probably not going to be able to get a Tailwind off, either.
  10. Pokemon White no EXP speedrun video playthrough

    I already played through the game once like this beforehand, but without the goal of speedrunning. So, I have a rough idea of what Pokemon I'll need at minimum to clear a section of the game with the least required effort. The rest is just planning out Pokemon Center visits and item pickups. If...
  11. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    This is false. You can most certainly access the doubles grass before the 7th gym. Just set the season to winter.
  12. Whimsicott

    Well, another major problem is that you're screwed if Leech Seed misses.
  13. Whimsicott

    I'm not sure what EVs you run, but the most physically bulky Erufuun spread that also runs max Spe is 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 Spe Jolly, which takes 103% minimum from 252 Atk Jolly Pendoraa's Megahorn.
  14. Pokemon White no EXP speedrun video playthrough

    It's not really difficult, especially when you're not faced with the limitations of a speedrun. Pokemon White (and Black) is fairly generous with giving the player the right relatively high-leveled wild Pokemon at the right points in the game. Anyway, it's nice to know that some people are...
  15. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    You can catch level 37 Kojofuu in the wild in doubles grass, so it doesn't need EXP to do well against the Sekka Gym. However, at that point nearly every Pokemon that you have does well against the gym (and Team Plasma right afterwards). It's not exactly a unique accomplishment. Also, level 50...
  16. Pokemon White no EXP speedrun video playthrough

    Technically, this is a TAS (because I'm playing the game on an emulator), but it should be able to be replicated on a handheld system with enough practice. You'll notice that I scroll through menu commands really quickly and that the clock advances really fast; this is due to the fact that...
  17. Zoroark

    Dark Pulse is 20% flinch while Night Burst is 40% acc drop. Assuming that the opponent starts out the turn at +0 acc and gets to attack on that turn, and Zoroark is faster, the opponent has a 20% chance to not attack after Dark Pulse and a 9.5% chance to miss after a Night Burst. Assuming that...
  18. Eviolite

    This observation holds true whether the Pokemon holds the Pre-Evo Stone or not. Unless you want to focus on taking hits from only one side of the spectrum, HP is a better investment if you want to take hits in general.
  19. Slaking

    That's not how Mummy works. You can't actively spread Mummy to other Pokemon; they have to contract it from your Pokemon.
  20. B&W Research Thread

    Actually, given the nature of TMs now, it would even make sense if GF removed TM inheritance entirely.