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  1. DTC

    Serious 2020 Democratic Candidates Discussion

    You are definitely the one in the bubble. Get out of progressive message boards and get into the real world. (civiqs is a pollster founded by leftwing dailykos) - 73% of americans say the economy is doing...
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    Serious 2020 Democratic Candidates Discussion

    Arguing about electability is always dumb but I'll bite. I don't think Biden is a strong candidate, but he's seen as honest and not corrupt. Hillary was also seen as very culturally liberal (especially on immigration - and Bernie is running far to the left of Hillary's unpopular immigration...
  3. DTC

    Serious 2020 Democratic Candidates Discussion

    Ideology mainly. I like Joe Biden a lot more on education, immigration, infrastructure, the federal reserve, health care and labor issues. I trust Biden more on foreign policy and trade. I think he's far less reactionary on cultural issues and would hire better staff. I don't think his "work...
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    Serious 2020 Democratic Candidates Discussion

    Why do you think he's been polling the highest? He has a lot of supporters on the ground. They just aren't on the internet, lol.
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    Serious 2020 Democratic Candidates Discussion

    I like when candidates attack each other. I think my favorite candidate is probably Biden at this point (also like Klob a lot, but she hasn't faced much scrutiny yet), but I appreciate when he gets attacked because it's training him against Trump. Trump is going to be far more vicious than any...
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    Pet Mod Clean Slate 2

    Yoshiblaze Pokemon guy Gravity Monkey
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    Tournament SS RU Alpha Tour: Round 5

  8. DTC

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword & Shield Pre-Release SPOILERS - Check Post 2!

    It's missing the Electric/Poison Pokemon, so one or both of the leaks are wrong
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    Serious 2020 Democratic Candidates Discussion

    Apparently I was the very first person in this thread to vote for John Delaney. He's not my favorite, but he's my favorite out of all of the options in this poll.
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    Announcement NP: Step Down

    how could you let arifeen be your replacement
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    Announcement Congrats Arifeen!

    really? arifeen?
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    Tournament RUPL Team / Set Dump

    Glad to contribute to this thread as one of the elite RUPL players Rhyperior @ Leftovers Ability: Lightning Rod EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD Careful Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Stealth Rock - Toxic - Block - Rest This set traps, poisons, then stalls out Alomomola. Alomomola usually fails to...
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    Tournament RUPL Week 7

    i would have beaten TheWall but garay oak was far too strong
  14. DTC

    Tournament RUPL Week 7

    shit this guy is terrifying sub me out Feliburn i didn't sign up for this
  15. DTC

    Tournament RUPL Week 7

    wheres my opponent i'm ready
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    General News Discussion Thread

    I liked Peterson at first, but he gets more and more nonsensical every day. I think his fame/notoriety has really gotten to his head.
  17. DTC

    Serious Never Again

    I'm not very pro gun control (although we clearly need more restrictions to increase safety), but my lord "conservatives" just make themselves look like morons when they start attacking the kids based on how they look. DK's attacks on the girl wearing shredded jeans are just cringy AF. Also...
  18. DTC

    Tournament RUPL General Talk Thread

    the endgame crit was from God punishing your morally bankrupt team for straying too far away from His light
  19. DTC

    Tournament RUPL General Talk Thread

    our loss vs shake was BS and should be overturned once a cheater, always a cheater