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  1. Balto

    Other Metagames Midnight Marauder (Monotype)

    Hey guys, Balto here. Since the start of Sun & Moon I stalled on my teambuilding, as the meta was just beginning to develop. However, with the new recent newly established meta I played around with a new strategy and found a lot of success with it through ladder(eventually reaching top ten) and...
  2. Balto

    (Player of the Week Special) Youtube QNA

    (approved by scpinion) Welcome to my channel's first QNA thread! I've been really happy with how the channel has been doing recently, and as a player of the week special, I figured I'd try a question and answer video with you guys. Reply with any kind of question, and ill answer all of them on...
  3. Balto

    Other Metagames Redemption(ORAS Monotype)

    Hey guys, Balto here. After the release of Volcanion, me & my lad Mold decided to work with it on fire. The result was a solid team that did pretty well in tests on ladder and in tournaments. HiT (Volcanion) @ Choice Specs Ability: Water Absorb EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Modest Nature IVs...