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    PUPL IV - "casual discussion" thread

    requested but not really approved by anyone Outdated posting guide Use this thread for callouts, shitposting, power rankings and all that about PUPL. I won't be moderating it but jokes about how good or bad TJ is as a player are banned. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO TRY AND BRAG ABOUT YOUR...
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    hello it's time for me to step down. to keep it short i no longer have enough interest in the game and the tier could definitely use someone with more enthusiasm to keep growing further. i wasn't sure when i wanted to make a post or even if i wanted to make one at all but what really matters is...
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    Metagame np: USM PU Stage 3.5: Recovery [Magmortar and Archeops Banned]

    In a quiet tier shift we just lost Miltank and Palossand to get Samurott and Typhlosion back. Too bad they just found place on the banlist. So we have decided to have a quick suspect test, Magmortar being the subject. As soon as we lost Altaria, an already big threat to balanced and in...
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    Tournament The PU Low-Budget Tournament - won by Lugia Proto

    op inspired from valmanway (art by Dibs The Dreamer) Due to the PU Circuit and Smogon Exhibition our funds have started becoming scarce and, sadly, for this tournament you will have a limited budget for teambuilding. You're given $50, and the price of a Pokemon is based on their placement in...
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    USUM PU Suspect Process - Stage 2 Voting

    Voting on: Passimian List of qualified voters (45) Amane Misa Laevin Skankovich Ganso Star Dundies Miven^ TJ Chrisloud1 lockjaw Arcobaleno lax E4 Flint Iron Pyrite DiegoP ACR1 eifo GL Volkner Sken The jolly Beartic FactoryGOAT Ren-chon Twix BAGANHA13 Myosin Amphareixon Abyssal Ruins zdrup15 The...
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    Metagame PU Stage 2 (Passimian Suspect Test) - Alt Identification Thread

    Requirements are a gxe of 80 and a minimum of 35 games played. Please post a screenshot that shows your alt having the requirement, as well as proof that the alt belongs to you. Make sure all the information is shown or your post will be ignored
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    For a couple of years now we have started having monthly tiering changes in between the regular 3 months tier shifts. That was mostly done to allow Pokemon such as Gothitelle and Wobbuffet and to non-mega formes of Pokemon to drop down in tiers faster and increase the poll of usable mons for...
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    Megazard is the new PU co-leader

    Megazard was promoted for his excellent work and contributions and will join me in leading the tier, congratulations
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    Announcement announcement

    Megazard is the new co-PUTL
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    Tournament Smogon Exhibition PU Usage Stats

    Combined from all weeks USM PU + ---- + ------------------ + ---- + ------- + ------- + | Rank | Pokemon | Use | Usage % | Win % | + ---- + ------------------ + ---- + ------- + ------- + | 1 | Mesprit | 42 | 58.33% | 57.14% | | 2 | Skuntank | 24...
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    Metagame np: USM PU Stage 2: The Modern Things [Passimian is Banned]

    When USM came out i waited a little to make the thread since the tiering updates were supposed to come out shortly after but then i kind of forgot. What happened is we lost: Silvally-Steel and Qwilfish (rip my love) and we got: Spiritomb, Aurorus, Sandslash-Alola, Claydol losing the best...
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    Tournament The PU Circuit 2018

    thanks to kamikaze , approved by TDs , Sgt.Moose made the ribbon, artwork by LifeisDANK The PU Circuit This year's circuit will consist of the following tournaments, followed by an 8 man Invitational SM PU Tournament; that will decide the best PU player of the season that will be awarded the...
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    Resource PU Analyses Discussion Thread

    This thread's purpose is to provide a way for users to suggest changes or improvements to any currently uploaded PU analyses that will be seen in a public forum. Do not make trivial posts lacking content. This thread is only for important analysis discussion and isn't the place for anything...
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    SM PU Suspect Process, Round 1, Voting

    Voting on Hariyama List of Qualified Voters (69) LordST Dibs The Dreamer DEG Dbasso ggggd terrors Raiza TJ pinktidal Skankovich Many Wesley Safadão Skipkan Taskr lockjaw Koreatown ODD cabforpitt partys over Z+V Of Moose & Men J0RIS GeneralAnnoyance Natural Talent Arcobaleno Dundies jklioe carcy...
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    Metagame PU Stage 1.1 (Hariyama retest) - Alt Identification Thread

    This thread is to identify your alt that you have achieved reqs with for the upcoming Hariyama vote. The requirement for voting is 2700 COIL on the PU Suspect Ladder and a game limit of 70 games. Please post a screenshot that shows your alt having the requirement, as well as proof that the alt...
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    SM PU Live Suspect Tournament #1 (Hariyama is ALLOWED) - won by dundies

    Post "in" or "" to participate. Please join SMOGTOURS SERVER to participate in today's tour Additionally, please note that today's tour is SM PU (suspect test), therefore with Hariyama Allowed! The Top X players of this Live Suspect Tournament will be granted the ability to vote for the...
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    PU PUPL III Usage Stats

    COMBINED FROM ALL WEEKS Cumulative Stats SM PU + ---- + ------------------ + ---- + ------- + ------- + | Rank | Pokemon | Use | Usage % | Win % | + ---- + ------------------ + ---- + ------- + ------- + | 1 | Mesprit | 37 | 48.68% | 37.84% | | 2 | Skuntank...
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    Metagame Regarding the new Core Metagames Policy

    In case you haven't seen it i am referring to what is outlined in this thread. This is obviously a hard blow to take and i understand you might be angry about it, of course, but the best way to go about it is to work harder to become a better community and earn the respect and recognition...
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    PU PUPL Serious Polite Heavily Moderated Discussion Thread

    i am going to delete a lot of posts so be sure not to suck at this posting guide TEAMS: [22:58:01] @Mambot: Driftveil Drampas: [Money: 500 | Bidders: megazard] Players: Rawmelon, BOUFF, PokemonMasterTJ, Megazard, Ares, Finchinator, Raseri, Empo, DISJUNCTION, Mysterious M, Optical Real...
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    Metagame np: SM PU Stage 1.1: Legend Has it [USM! post #60]

    WE ARE FINALLY OUT OF BETA! Medicham is BANNED: read more here As a result of the tier shift we now have: ArcheopsMespritQwilfish And we lost: ScytherQuagsire Remember: no one liners- will be infracted. Use the SQSA thread for questions.