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  1. The HeartGold/SoulSilver Walkthrough Tournament: Signups

    probably no room but it wont to say IN
  2. Bragging Rights Tournament Signups

    in if room
  3. Smogon Tournament #6 Round 3

    Lost to intro 2-0 During our first match he accidently closed out shoddy. But I wanted to feel like I earned my win so we recreated the match and in the end he won so goodluck to him for the rest of the tourny. My goal was to reach round 3 and I did, so for st7 maybe ill shoot for round 4
  4. Smogon Tournament #6 Round 3

    intro and I have started exchanging pms, we will try to get this done but it wont be easy since we found out we live 9 hours apart
  5. Smogon Tournament #6 Round 3

    Intro still never got back to my vm so i dropped him a pm just now. and he has been on since I left him that vm on saturday so idk whats going on
  6. Smogon Tournament #6 Round 3

    Sent Intro a VM like 2 days ago, still no response
  7. Smogon Tournament #6: Predictions Tournament (round 2)

    damn only 5 correct, but i really want that free t-shirt. =/
  8. Smogon Tournament #6 Round 2

    So this is the first smogon tournament I've really paid attention to. Has the underdog usually succedeed this much in past smogon tournaments?
  9. Smogon Tournament #6 Round 2

    Victory over Jimbo, it was fun
  10. Smogon Tournament #6: Predictions Tournament (round 2)

    Sent in predictions Predicting against myself, why must I face Jimbo so early =(
  11. Smogon Tournament #6 Round 1

    defeated powertothepika 5-0, fun game though
  12. Smogon Tournament #6 Round 1

    recieved pm, pm'd back
  13. Fighting in a Minefield - A UU Warstory

    Fun read, as usually with Heysup but he called me a dumbass =(
  14. Smogon Tournament #6: Predictions Tournament (pre-tournament round)

    Went with Earthworm to win it all, don't really have a interesting reason why
  15. Smogon Tournament #6 Registrations

    In, hopefully my 150some posts are enough
  16. Jeg tog dit Ost dansk for den Wyoming turneringsrunde Tolv

    Confirming GG Well I guess that's it, goodbye Sonius and wyoming crowd I had fun, I hope to continue my run for king again on a later date
  17. Jeg tog dit Ost dansk for den Wyoming turneringsrunde Tolv

    Man I always do the pming, I was hoping Lesm would pm me will send pm right after this
  18. Secret Santa Returns! - Signups

    IN good sir
  19. Putaran Kesebelas Turnamen Wyoming pedas!

    lost 2-0 I should've won that last game stupid Pinsir with 4% left good games though, I hope to come back in the loser's bracket to defeat Batpig's Pinsir