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  1. jumpluff

    NOC Dragon Ball Z NOC - Day 4

    This is a closed set-up game created by MysticSoul based around DBZ, a series I was banned from watching as a child. 72 hours for the day and 48 hours for the night phase. Day 1 will last roughly 90 hours without extension and will end at 10 PM PDT, Friday (3 PM on Saturday, UTC +10, for the...
  2. jumpluff

    Steam Summer Sale 2015

    Anyone still care about these?? some pretty good deals today and the event is slightly more inspired than usual. Post your recs, snags, etc. I'm prolly not going to buy anything today but Valkyria Chronicles is on sale at 75% discount, i.e. $5 (and it comes with the DLC built-in) and I cannot...
  3. jumpluff

    Your favourite Circus games

    Hello~ So as everyone knows, we're all old in Circus now and we like to sit around on our rocking chairs reliving mafia games long gone. Hell, I'm pretty sure all of us are holding onto some grudge or another from a game that was played out in years past. I thought it would be fun to have a...
  4. jumpluff

    Japanese to English Pokémon Dictionary

    Hi, I've been working on this for awhile, and it's still a WIP. I hope to get most of the other stuff up soon but I wanted to post this since I'm a bit tired. For those who will be playing in Japanese but don't understand it, this is a resource for move, nature, item, etc. term translations...
  5. jumpluff

    Updating the Pokémon Dictionary

    This article is an accompaniment to the Introduction to Competitive Pokémon article, and its value shouldn't need to be explained. Any dictionary requires subsequent revisions, though, and I obtained Theorymon's permission to post a thread about updating. Here, suggest removals, additions, or...
  6. jumpluff

    DPP OU Team Sugarless GiRL (WC Finals vs. DawnBringer)

    Hiya! Firstly, this is a joint RMT written by Earthworm and jumpluff about an offensive team. This team is what pulled me back into competitive Pokémon. Previously, I had stopped playing due to frustration with luck. This team reminded me why battling is fun, and even though I still only...