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  1. Gentlemenian

    Sawk it to me! (Peaked 1513)

    I feel like it's kinda silly to post an RMT when Gen VII is less than 3 weeks away but eh, I like writing these, although usually me writing one of these is me saying 'This team is losing a lot, please help.' This time, however, I'm writing saying 'Hey I've been having decent success with a...
  2. Gentlemenian

    Honchkrow Hazard Stacking

    Once Honchkrow dropped to RU I immediately knew that I had to make a team around it. After all it's a combination of a crow and the mafia. How could anyone resist making a team around it? Well apparently everyone in UU but that's besides the point. I instantly thought that the hazard...
  3. Gentlemenian

    ORAS OU Mega Tyranitar Team

    Hey, guys! This is my first OU RMT! This is a team that I've been using on the ladder lately with decent success, but I was hoping to get some advice on how to make it better! Team Building Process: Whenever I start to make a team I just pick a Pokémon that I really like and go from there...
  4. Gentlemenian

    A team

    I love playing in RU but I've struggled building teams with much success. I made a team that I think might be decent, but I recently found out about this section of the forum so I figured I'd see what other people have to think. All criticisms are greatly appreciated! Team building process...