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  1. chaos

     We were hacked recently, you may potentially want to change your passwords

    The forum was hacked recently. The dump contains emails & hashed passwords as of Sep 2017. If you don't use a randomly generated password for each site you visit, you may want to change your password here & on other sites you shared this password with. If you use a password manager & a long...
  2. chaos

    Ubers is now a tier; a new Metagame called Anything Goes is added; M-Ray is banned from Ubers

    For the last 3 or so generations there has been some tension over what exactly Ubers is. Is it a tier? Is it just OU's banlist? Is it OK to ban things from Ubers? Well, thanks to GameFreak and Power Creep™, we have some answers for you. TL;DR - Ubers is now the name for the tier above OU. It...
  3. chaos

    Ubers suspect testing aftermath

    Hi all, Earlier today a suspect test for Ubers concluded. The way the results were interpreted were... controversial to say the least, leading to me overturning the ruling. Just to get this out of the way, Mega Gengar will not be banned from ubers, and neither will Shadow Tag, just as the...
  4. chaos

    Room Suggestions are no longer being taken

    Hi all, The PS staff feels we have enough rooms at this time. Therefore we are no longer taking room suggestions from the general public. Please do not post room suggestions on this forum, or PM staff members with room suggestions, as they will be rejected without consideration. Thanks for...
  5. chaos

    ORAS updates

    We have updated the Strategy Dex with the new megas, and added some sets we think will see use in the ORAS metagame! We will be updating our movesets as we learn more. Check it out: Altaria Audino Beedrill Camerupt Diancie Gallade Glalie Groudon Hoopa Kyogre Lopunny Metagross Pidgeot Rayquaza...
  6. chaos

    [chill thread] electronic/remix

    see title - is your friend - please don't post huge compilations like epic 2 hour dubstep etc. nobody has time for that - be sure to at least listen past the chorus of each song, its polite (if there is a chorus :^)) ill start with an old fav of mine: alpine - hands...
  7. chaos

    Write up a 3v3 RMT, get featured on front page/facebook

    We are looking to promote 3v3 more on Smogon. Right now I think a huge blocker for new players is figuring out what team to use, especially since there is a lot of breeding involved. A great way to get past this is for someone to write up the team they use. What Pokemon, moves, items do you use...
  8. chaos

    Old album scraping scripts

    These are for sandshrewz and Hugendugen, who are working on a new album. I have no idea who wrote these or how they work.
  9. chaos

    Side event: masters cup (3v3 singles)

    Saturday, July 6th: there will be a VGC Nats side event for 3v3 singles called the master cup. Registration starts at 2 PM and the tournament as at 4 PM. For discussion post in this thread
  10. chaos

    Flavourmons: what if you took the flavor text literally? (no OHKO or Auto-Win effects)

    In flavormons, every facet of the game inconsistent with the game's flavor text is considered a bug, and we are responsible for fixing any bugs we find. (examples from the anime are not considered here, just information obtained in-game) approved by Arcticblast post-haste, although since chaos...
  11. chaos

    congrats to...

    bluecookies, the new world champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. chaos

    Pokemon Database Errors (Past Generations)

    Post here errors in the Pokemon DB. Non-exhaustive list of what this covers: * Errors in Pokemon data * Pokemon showing up in generations they aren't in * Errors in move data * Errors in learnsets (what moves a Pokemon learns) .. etc... go. MOVE/ITEM/ABILITY DESCRIPTIONS AND POKEMON MOVESETS...
  13. chaos

    Resource HTML Primer (Updated 2009-10-16)

    HTML Primer Changelog: Nov 24th, 2007 - Definition Lists and two additional "common mistakes" added. Nov 23rd, 2007 - Document posted. Sometimes it's easy to take for granted the power of the forum text editor. You press Enter; it makes a new line. You click bold; it bolds the current text...
  14. chaos

    What You Can Do To Help

    What You Can Do To Help Smogon is a competitive Pokemon community. If you'd like to involve yourself with the community and help out on the site (and maybe earn a badge or two), never fear! There is never a shortage of work to be done on the site. If you have... No badges: - Look through the...
  15. chaos

    Official Smogon Tournament #2 FINALS [Won by Noobster]

    Hipmonlee vs Noobster :chant: either one of you winning is great imo I -have- to have the log of this for the new war story stuff we are doing with the tour, hall of fame, etc. losers: homsar vs Aeolus for t-shirt
  16. chaos

    Official Smogon Tournament #2 Semi-Finals

    Hipmonlee vs Aeolus Noobster vs homsar no deadline, get done asap
  17. chaos

    Official Smogon Tournament #2 Round 5

    Cerberus vs Aeolus choop vs Hipmonlee MoP vs Noobster mtg vs homsar deadline is feb 27th. get the battles done asap hipmonlee is going to lose to choop >:(