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  1. KAIZA

    Shiny Value Checking and Reference (Gen 6 and 7). [CTRL]+[F] for the TSV with the format "#0000".

    TSV List Removal Request Reason: Schedule has become too hectic for me. No longer have as much free time. :( Done - sorry things are so hectic atm :(
  2. KAIZA

    KAIZA's Art Learnding Attempts!

    Been practicing some coloring and backgrounds; not to mention it's been a while since I've done any sort of fanart.
  3. KAIZA

    KAIZA's Art Learnding Attempts!

    Haha, thanks. ^^ Indeed, I do think that one is one of the better ones in the set. These were mostly done quickly in my attempt to improve my times (sub-2 hours, still getting there!), so I definitely missed some things here and there. But, as they say, practice makes perfect. Thanks for the...
  4. KAIZA

    KAIZA's Art Learnding Attempts!

    Well, it's been a while since I've done an update. ^^; Admittedly, while I've done the occasional sketch and such, I haven't finished any major art projects. It doesn't help I've found myself in a bit of a block lately. Although I do have something related to a mobile game I've been playing in...
  5. KAIZA

    KAIZA's Art Learnding Attempts!

    So! This semester, I joined my college’s illustration club. As such, nowadays I tend to sketch and practice stuff a bit more often. Few of it is noteworthy, though. ^^; Still, I thought these were good enough to show. Just practicing traditional coloring, inking and a somewhat different...
  6. KAIZA

    KAIZA's Art Learnding Attempts!

    Le sigh, when was the last time I've ever updated? ^^; Admittedly, last semester quickly turned sour and I had to stop pretty much everything. And thus, I haven't made much in the way of artwork...that is, except for the Inktober challenge. I learned of it late, but I made my best to catch up...
  7. KAIZA

    Manesh Hoopa Code Giveaway: The Hoopaning (Closed for now)

    Awesome giveaway, man! :D As for my story...well, I guess I got two for the prize of one, since they both came from the same shopping trip. It was two or so years ago, around the first time I visited the US. Given the taxes and high prices for games that we have over here, imagine my...
  8. KAIZA


    Deposited a Lv. 1 female Venipede, the message is "Most" IGN is Aliza Thanks! : D
  9. KAIZA

    Doubt's Dark Emporium

    Ya know, I'm also reminded about that 3IV Fast Ball Elekid spitback with the Elemental Punches + Cross Chop that I left in my box for you a long time ago. Just let me know when you want it! :D
  10. KAIZA

    Doubt's Dark Emporium

    Yeah, it does. The genderless part was more about the Dream Ball. Kinda went on a tangent there, I guess. ^^;
  11. KAIZA

    Doubt's Dark Emporium

    Yup, Odette's an old OT as well. ^^; (They were from my AS and Y, respectively, before I reset them.) As for Klink, yeah, the HA has been released, from what I can find. Through Steel Friend Safari in XY (Klang) and I guess it can be DexNav'd in ORAS Mirage Caves (Klink). Also, Dream World, but...
  12. KAIZA

    Doubt's Dark Emporium

    Yeah, that's my previous OT. ^^;
  13. KAIZA

    Doubt's Dark Emporium

    Nice to see you back in business! ^^ One thing, though; based on our conversation log, I may have given you the Skarmory (it's hard to tell, since both chester and I have Skarmory in our threads). But, hey, I could be mistaken. Regardless, good luck with your re-opening! :D
  14. KAIZA

    Sinking Warships Giveaway [Many hours finished]

    Thanks for the giveaway, and thanks for the Tentacool! :D
  15. KAIZA

    Sinking Warships Giveaway [Many hours finished]

    Interesting giveaway you got here. :) Let's give it a shot! My FC is 4339-2727-9146 My IGN is Aliza Box Slot: C3 Deposited the following Magikarp for the Tentacool Level: 10 Gender: Female Message: vzxt A_ B_ C_ D_ E_ F
  16. KAIZA


    Hey, good luck with your thread! :D Also, nice Aerodactyl! Must have been quite the effort to TSV. :)
  17. KAIZA

    The wine bar is back with shinies AND spitbacks [COMPLETE]

    Hey, rufus! Could I please have the Dream Ball Murkrow? :) I deposited a Lv. 10 Male Magikarp, with the message "rufusdrumknott" IGN is Aliza. Thanks in advance! :D
  18. KAIZA

    Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 46 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    I can try catching you a Sport Ball Combee in my SoulSilver game
  19. KAIZA

    Magus' Castle - Alola version [CLOSED]

    Hey, it's alright. :) I can understand uni and exams being a pain and draining your time and soul little by little. I'll be starting my next semester tomorrow, in fact. XD Take all the time you need, RL stuff takes priority; I'm fine with waiting. :)