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  1. Logic

    XY OU Teh New Meta Fgts

    Created together by Dr Ciel (Cinco Diablo on PS!), KlefkiHolder, MegaScizor (Arcanine is Regal on PS!), and Psychological We(the people up there^^^) decided that we wanted to make a memorable team unlike most the meta has seen. After a random throwing together of underrated mons, we finally...
  2. Logic

    3rd RMT: XY OU- Manaphy Sweep Peaked at #22 1897

    Hello all! This is my 3rd RMT here, 2nd OU. You can check out my other RMT's here and here. So some background info on the team, I first started using this Manaphy set beause Starmaster suggested it over Tail Glow Manaphy on my mono water team. I fell in love with it so quickly because it swept...
  3. Logic

    2nd RMT: Mono Water- Peaked #21 on the Monotype Ladder NEW PEAK @6

    Hey, everyone! Psychological back with my second rmt and this time it's a monotype team! Idk why I choose water tbh but it worked amazing so I kept it. I started of 14-0 and right now 39-8. I peaked 21 on the ladder Okay enough talking, lets get to the team! The Team: Politoed @...
  4. Logic

    XY OU rekt

    Hello all! Psychological here with my first ever RMT! First off some background info: I've been playing with this team for a while and I really love it. I've had a lot of success with this team and also a lot of fails. I consider it my best OU team so far. I just wanted to get some other...
  5. Logic

    Room Founder and /roomauth

    On the Frost Server, there is a thing called a "Room Founder" A room founder is the person who thought of a room and got it made on the server. Only admins can promote a user to room founder. The room founder can do everything a room owner can do except they can promote users to room owner...