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  1. Stevan's Sceptile

    Chansey [QC 0/3]

    [OVERVIEW] * Chansey’s immense HP and wonderful Special Defense when coupled with Eviolite make it one of the most formidable special walls in the Ubers metagame. It is capable of checking Ubers’ most powerful special attackers, although it may have some problem in doing so for Psystrike Mega...
  2. Stevan's Sceptile

    Buzzwole [QC 3/3][GP 0/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Buzzwole's outstanding physical bulk, reliable recovery in the form of Roost and its typing which resists Ground-, Dark- and Fighting-type moves makes it a promising physical tank in the Ubers metagame. With a base 139 Attack stat, it is able to offensively check a variety of Ubers...
  3. Stevan's Sceptile

    Ubers Landorus

    [OVERVIEW] With pretty decent offensive stats, combined with the item Life Orb, its ability Sheer Force, and access to various coverage moves, Landorus acts as a powerful wallbreaker in the Ubers metagame, easily breaking major walls such as Ho-Oh and Toxapex. Its base 101 Speed stat allows it...
  4. Stevan's Sceptile

    Project SM Ubers Teambuilding Competition (Round #10: Free Round)

    Approved by Hack and Fireburn Took it over from CKW who took it from Slurmz who stole it from...basically i'm the host now (Banner still pending. As for now, this will do) Hello, and welcome to the Sun and Moon Ubers Teambuilding Competition! Many of you may know about it already, but...
  5. Stevan's Sceptile

    SM Ubers Stevan's First Ubers RMT

    Introduction: Hello everyone and welcome to my first rmt. I have always wanted to make an rmt since ORAS (don’t know why I didn’t but whatever). I was thinking of making it on the team that I usually play with but just recently I built a team around mewtwo mega x which I really liked. I haven’t...