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  1. august

    DPP Sand Veil

    The DPP Council is banning Sand Veil in its entirety. Discussion may commence here but keep in mind the decision is final. Snow Cloak will remain legal.
  2. august

    DPP OU the phantom of stark mountain

    so this is a team i used in spl semifinals last year as well as in world cup finals.. it's a pretty standard offense team thats able to quickly get rocks up, utilize some lures in order to remove pkmn that may be dangerous or break defensive cores. the main pkmn i decided to build around was...
  3. august

    Milotic (Offensive)

    [SET] name: Offensive move 1: Hydro Pump / Surf move 2: Ice Beam move 3: Hidden Power Electric move 4: Recover item: Leftovers nature: Timid evs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] -Quite possibly the best offensive pkmn to check Heatran (Milo outspeeds and even with no investment HP...
  4. august

    Starmie (Bold)

    [SET] name: Bulky Rapid Spin (Bold Starmie) move 1: Hydro Pump / Surf move 2: Thunderbolt / Reflect move 3: Rapid Spin move 4: Recover item: Leftovers nature: Bold evs: 252 HP / 200 Def / 56 Spe [SET COMMENTS] <p>Choice Band Tyranitar and Scizor have historically been able to tank Starmie's...
  5. august

    Magic Mike n the Boys

    Alright so heres a short intro... i made this team about 6-7 months ago when I was starting to get bored with the RU metagame and wanted to mix things up a bit. This was when hail was unbanned so I needed some stuff to check hail and a lot of offensive presence. I had been using Scolipede a lot...
  6. august

    Kadabra [Revamp] [QC 2/3]

    i talked to Oglemi about this so even though it isnt in revamp bw2 thread don't yell at me :( [OVERVIEW] frail fast strong basically awesome revenge killer thanks to Focus Sash Magic Guard and provides Encore support for offensive teams to...
  7. august

    BW RU Turning Into Black And White [Peaked #1]

    I have had this team for quite a while now and have finally decided to post it. Despite Stall being dead in RU during the Nidoqueen era, variations of this team peaked #1 in the last 2 Nidoqueen stages as well as the beginning of the current testing process after Queen moved up. Props to...
  8. august

    BW RU The Running Of The Bulls

    Hi guys. This is the pokemon team i used a good amount last round in RU. This team has no suspects, and uses some underrated pokemon and some interesting sets to win. It got me the #3 spot on ladder pretty easily but BS molk was too hard to catch. It has a hazard setter and FWG core. It is made...
  9. august

    BW UU Won't You Stay? [UU RMT Peaked #3]

    So, this is a pretty strange looking team at first glance. While Krookodile, Azumarill, and Yanmega all get a fair amount of usage in UU, they are highly underrated and therefore unprepared for in a lot of situations. This team abuses all of them to the fullest. You may also notice upon reading...
  10. august

    Closer To The Heart

    INTRODUCTION I really wanted to build an Articuno team for a long time, so i finally got around to it recently. It ended up being pretty successful for a fun team, peaking right around 1600 (i think 1602 was my peak?) and i figured i'd share it because Articuno is a really underrated UU mon and...
  11. august

    DPP Ubers Henry

    Hey everyone, this is an Ubers team i've been using quite a bit lately to get back into the metagame, and I can surely say its done well, making the leaderboard with minimal effort under GERMANYFTW and being a very fun team to play with in general. The team is called Team UBERBOT, although Tab...