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  1. Eddie2013

    The World Cup of Pokémon X - Semifinals

    Slight misspell in the word Oceania in the matchup vs us east area.
  2. Eddie2013

    ORAS OU Rate My Team: Trying to be balanced

    I think you should replace probopass with landorus-T because if magnezone were to replace it, the team becomes very talonflame weak which is a huge threat in the ou meta game. The bulky defensive stealth rocks set works great on this team. The defensive synergy it has with vaporeon is excellent...
  3. Eddie2013

    SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    In my personal opinion the only thing wrong so far with the xy anime is the introduction of a rival for ash. As of now he has no motivation to become stronger and therefore they have been scripting easy gym battles for him. With diamond and pearl Ash did everything in his power to become better...
  4. Eddie2013

    ORAS OU No Mega Balance (Peaked #1)

    Soft boiled over moonlight if you plan on running unaware clefable since moonlight only restore 1/4 in sand and rain conditions.
  5. Eddie2013


    I believe there was a mixed attacker set in the past with naive nature and it had sucker punch, knock off , flamethrower and grass knot. I'm not too sure on the spread though.
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    Substitute is also worth a mention in the other options tab since it can force switch outs and take advantage with its set up moves in sword dance and nasty plot.
  7. Eddie2013

    What's up bro

    What's up bro
  8. Eddie2013

    XY UU Mega Absol, the bringer of Disasters. ( yet to peak).

    Not sure if mega blastoise is a threat to your team. 5 of your pokemon really struggle vs it one on one. Absol doesn't appreciate scald, same with infernape and nidoqueen. Crobat doesn't appreciate taking ice beams and slowbro gets hit hard with dark pulse. But like mentioned above blissey works...
  9. Eddie2013

    Happy birthday :)

    Happy birthday :)
  10. Eddie2013

    Im back ;)

    Im back ;)
  11. Eddie2013

    XY UU Bitter Ex-Girlfriends! (Peak: 1405 :/)

    Earth power and focus blast are redundant coverage moves I personally would switch them for fire blast to hit the steel types in the tier and then u-turn to provide offensive momentum on Pokemon hydregion can't handle like florges or umbreon. Also jolly isn't needed on lucario when you...
  12. Eddie2013

    Stall and Ragequit

    Yea replace blissey with florges to better stop nasty plot infernape and I believe the only other spikes in the tier that get spikes is chesnaught and roserade but both get destroyed by ape. Tentacruel is a good check to nasty plot ape as well and gets toxic spikes and rapid spin which is pretty...
  13. Eddie2013

    Stall and Ragequit

    Nasty plot mix ape can have a field day with your team as it's one of the best stall breakers in the tier right now the set they run is Nasty plot Fire blast Close combat Grass knot Naive nature 252 special attack/ 252 speed / 4 attack I suggest replace ferroseed with florges to help counter it.
  14. Eddie2013

    The OU tier is a train wreck lol

    The OU tier is a train wreck lol
  15. Eddie2013

    "Worst Pokémon Ever (as of Generation 7)"

    Not every Pokemon in context is referenced to the OU tier that's why Smogon created different tiers so non viable pokemon in ou can be viable in lower tiers.
  16. Eddie2013

    "Worst Pokémon Ever (as of Generation 7)"

    You're not understanding my Point I'm saying that florges is outclassed by slyveon that's why it's uu but for being uu florges does it job which is wish pass better than any other pokemon in the tier
  17. Eddie2013

    "Worst Pokémon Ever (as of Generation 7)"

    Florges is the best in UU that's why it's viable and slyveon is ou and it does it job well.
  18. Eddie2013

    Rate my UU team?

    Make sure your descriptions are at least 3 sentences long describing each pokemon and their role on the team or a moderator will come and lock the thread. You can find a thread of the rate my team rules in the rate my team sub forum for further assistance.
  19. Eddie2013

    Days In the East

    Days In the East
  20. Eddie2013

    First RMT Peaked 1530

    Why not use choice band infernape as with banded it does the same about as victini but since it had a higher base speed running adamant wont screw you over. Also life orb Shaymin can do a number on your team as it outspeeds victini,nidoking,poliwrath,and mega blastoise and Ohko most of these...