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  1. Smogon University PO Statistics — December 2011

    Yeah, umm, have you used Mamo yet? Try it, it's simply amazing. It's ridiculously strong with Icicle crash and earthquake, and the endeavor set almost always gets rocks up. It also serves as a revenge killer for dragons.
  2. Smogon University PO Statistics — December 2011

    Volturn is ridiculously stale... you see it on almost all the teams. While I agree it is a ridiculously effective playstyle, as well as utilizing weather and other conditions, it is extremely boring and easy to play with. Just look at the top six pokemon. There's a team right there, and the...
  3. Official(!) Smogon University PO Stats -- September 2011

    I doubt tornados will make a jump into the top 10 , especially considering how it's hovering between OU and UU at the moment.
  4. (Un)Official Smogon University PO Stats -- August 2011

    That's why he's so important. He's a rain counter. With drizzle being almost impossible to check without a sand/sun team, it provides a major pivot for weatherless teams to take out drizzle.
  5. (Un)Official Smogon University PO Stats -- August 2011

    Vappy will tie gastrodon with the second set assuming both use toxic on the same turn and there is no residual damage. First set beats it however.
  6. (Un)Official Smogon University PO Stats -- August 2011

    Crawdaunt gets adaptability and while I still prefer Gatr, +1 Adaptability Crunch and Crabhammer are nothing to scoff at. edit: ninja'd.
  7. (Un)Official Smogon University PO Stats -- August 2011

    Honestly, heat wave is better in OU. There's so many steels out there that wall you without Heat Wave, such as Ferro and Jirachi.
  8. (Un)Official Smogon University PO Stats -- August 2011

    33 Gastrodon 24750 5.22244% 52 Donphan 12884 2.71863% awesome.
  9. Stealth Rock Discussion

    I would suspect that focus sash usage would still go up though, because flying types dont have to worry about anything but weather. Anyways, the real reason I don't want sr banned is because it keeps top threats like Volcarona from beating the whole tier. Obviously its not unbeatable, but...
  10. Stealth Rock Discussion

    Result of banning sr: Pokemon 1 item: Focus sash Pokemon 2 item: Focus sash Pokemon 3 item: Focus sash Pokemon 4 item: Focus sash Pokemon 5 item: Focus sash Pokemon 6 item: Focus sash yeah, don't ban it, it keeps the metagame nice and healthy.
  11. Smogon University PO Statistics — May 2011

    | 67 | Electivire | 13897 | 2.5327 | lol love for evire | 102 | Murkrow | 1843 | 1.3299 | need more of these guys and not | 88 | Mandibuzz | 2431 | 1.7542 | these guys Clearly because heatran is badass Heatran is only so high up because his...
  12. New and 'creative' moveset/EV spread thread - BW UU Edition

    Sun bro Idk how effective this set is because I didn't get high in the ladder (around 1150) but it probably would work. Slower@leftovers EVs: 252 hp/252 def/4 spA Regeneration Bold -Sunny Day/ Slack off -Fire Blast -Thunder Wave/ support move (yawn, toxic etc) -Psychic/Psycho shock/hidden...
  13. Rotom Formes

    Rotom-H should probably get a mention as a decent sun check/counter/whatever (resists most attacks from victrebell/Eggy/tangrowth and kos with overheat.) One Defensive Rotom I just use 128 HP/252 SpA/128 spD which lets it absorb special attacks from sun attackers better. Speed isnt needed much...
  14. Scizor

    look, right out of bulbapedia
  15. hi

    I've made three changes. Suicide lead Aero is as of now Jirachi. Jirachi @ Leftovers Trait: Serene Grace EVs: 252 HP / 32 Def / 224 SDef Careful Nature (+SDef, -SAtk) - Iron Head - Stealth Rock - Wish - U-turn I need some help with the EV's and moveset. Second, I've replaced Dory...
  16. hi

    except Im using a scarf.
  17. hi

    Rachi sounds pretty good~ I'll give it a go. Anyways, +1 Gyara isn't much of a problem since Slowbro lols at it. +1 Adamant Stone Edge: (33.24-39.08%) Genesect can also use t-bolt to revenge and Gyara really can't come in on a single member of the team bar Tyranitar locked into Fire...
  18. hi

    Introduction: Hey everybody. I've just recently joined this site. I've been playing on the Beta server for a while now but I'm slowly starting to use the smogon one. I've created my team based on smogon strategies and also the playstyle of the people I see on the tier. So without further ado, I...