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  1. Reigako

    ORAS OU Bunny Offense OP

    HUGE thanks to daddy's kisses for this banner ! Hi Smogon, Reigako here for another new RMT, this time based around bunnies and genies. At first, i wanted to build around Specs Thundy-T, but it somehow became ... THIS ! Hope you'll enjoy watching this RMT and moreover playing this team ...
  2. Reigako

    ORAS OU Wallbreakers' Unite

    Hi fellow Smogoners, and welcome to my brand new RMT, made to beat those modafuckaz that keep playing stall. As well as many of you guys, i really hate facing stall teams. I don't have anything against those in fact, since good stall players can really make interesting to watch games, but those...
  3. Reigako

    ORAS OU The Most Common OU Team Ever !

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Most Common OU Team Ever. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Smogon, i'm Reigako, and this is my 2nd about the most common team EVER ! Also, as this is my 2nd RMT, i will be using the same layout as the first, so...
  4. Reigako

    ORAS OU MediSharp Bulky Offense

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MediSharp Bulky Offense ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Smogon ! I'm Reigako, and this is my RMT built around one of my favorite cores in OverUsed. I've been using this team for a while and i have to say that i had a lot of...
  5. Reigako

    ORAS UU Meloetta-P Based Offense

    I'm so sorry for this guys Introduction Hi everyone, i'm Reigako and this is my 2nd RMT ! This time, i decided to build something kinda different, around a VoltTurn core and obviously, the main pokemon of the team : Meloetta-Pirouette ! Meloetta-Pirouette is one of the pokemons...