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  1. Chocopot

    SM OU Coffin Breaking Crypt Keepers

    Introduction This team is a bit of a conglomeration of things I was messing about with. I'm trying to learn the new SM OU meta, particularly now that Mega Medicham is allowed. This team has been through a number of incarnations with various members and movesets switched around. I think its...
  2. Chocopot

    ORAS OU Blademasters Unite!

    BLADEMASTERS UNITE! This is a team I basically threw together because I wanted to try out a lot of new trends in the metagame and they actually all fell together into one (more or less) coherent team. I've had some success with this team but I don't ladder a whole lot. Really looking...
  3. Chocopot

    ORAS OU Guardians of the (OU) Galaxy

    GUARDIANS OF THE (OU) GALAXY Hi all! Chocopot here with a team I've been using for a long time that still has some flaws but I think at this stage I just need to share it, get help and/or move on. I first got the idea for this team from the Good Core thread from a core posted by rob. (back...