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  1. Celever

    Abortion: The Thread

    This is the most misogynistic statement I've ever read. You know that women are capable of having autonomy, right? They can choose not to have an abortion if they don't want one. Even 15 year old girls have autonomy and can choose not to have an abortion. If they want one then I'm glad that, in...
  2. Celever

    Unpopular opinions

    Honestly I think this post lacks a little perspective. Johto wasn't trying to pay homage to Kanto, it was just created at a time where there was different game philosophy. JRPG series at that point in time almost without fail occurred in the same timeline with clear links between all of the...
  3. Celever

    Unpopular opinions

    I think the magnetic field adds new lore. If you look at the Pokémon affected by it: Probopass is a compass, Magnezone is naturally fuelled with magnetic energy, and Vikavolt gains the ability Levitate (almost like having an automatic Magnet Rise effect). There are clear uniquely magnetic...
  4. Celever

    Tournament ZU Low-Budget Tournament: [Won by Aaronboyer]

    Won vs a fruitshop owner gg
  5. Celever

    Abortion: The Thread

    Criminalising abortion is ridiculous for a few reasons, but the main one is that it's justified using incommensurate counter-arguments that one person can't actually believe all of at the same time validly. Take this bullet point, for instance: Perhaps all of this is valid -- I think "when does...
  6. Celever

    Generational Breakdown of Regional Pokedexes

    It’s probably just because James Turner, who started working at Game Freak in Gen V, was Art Director for SwSh. All of the Pokémon he designed are in the game. Since Gen V around half of Pokémon from each dex are represented, compared to 1/4-1/3 for older gens.
  7. Celever

    Little things you like about Pokémon

    I actually think it's too simplistic to describe SwSh as having an A and B plot. Maybe it's because I'm an anthropology nerd so this is the sort of stuff I love and therefore notice way too much, but the plot of SwSh felt more to me like a cultural documentary of the Galar region than anything...
  8. Celever

    What are the uses and how would you buff Stall ability?

    There are no uses for Stall and it will always remain that way. Please don't start with your terrible unsubstantiated wish listing posts in Orange Islands. It's bad enough elsewhere, but this place is too good for you to start posting here. Please talk about what's in the game and not what you...
  9. Celever

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    An odd max HP is preferable in damage calculations like Stealth Rock, which rounds down instead of up when a Pokémon has an odd amount of HP, saving a tiny amount of damage whenever it switches in. It's a very minor tech but one that is always worth doing unless perhaps the Pokémon uses Wish.
  10. Celever

    Unpopular opinions

    I feel bad telling you you're wrong for 2 posts you've made in a row, but VGC doesn't work like this. The roster of Pokémon that are allowed rotates each year, and each generation tends to go regional dex without legendaries -> national dex without legendaries -> national dex with legendaries...
  11. Celever

    Unpopular opinions

    I think, honestly, that the Fairy-Type is totally consistent in its distribution and design concepts. It is the best counterpart to Dragon-Type that the series could have made, and to understand why I think it's important to look into what exactly the Dragon-Type is too. In Pokémon, as well as...
  12. Celever

    Rejected Separate Gen 8 Random Battles Ladder Without Dynamax

    I understand that traditionally Random Battles has used the Ubers ruleset, and that currently Ubers allows Dynamax, but this generation is already unique in a few ways, such as the planned National Dex Random Battles for Gen 8. The justification for Dynamax being allowed in Ubers is that since...
  13. Celever

    Research In Game Tiering Threads List

    I think the main issue surrounding Sword and Shield tier lists is that availability is time-based and therefore individual from player to player. The in-game tier lists are intended to be used as a guide to future players, but we don't know what the weather conditions in the Wild Area will be...
  14. Celever

    Metagame SWSH RU Alpha - Metagame Thread

    Wanted to drop my thoughts on some first impressions. :silvally: Silvally-Dark @ Dark Memory Ability: RKS System EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Swords Dance - Multi-Attack - U-turn - Iron Head So far Silvally has been fairly neglected in SwSh because it lost Defog and its stats...
  15. Celever

    Ask simple questions here! [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    I don't think this is the right place to report this but I'm also not sure the right one still exists. In Gen V Random Battles today I got this set: I imagine this is some type of bug since there's no competitive use in Zangoose having Immunity over Toxic Boost (which it does have access to in...
  16. Celever

    Unpopular opinions

    I have to say, I disagree with both of these fairly fundamentally, and I think that all of the downsides of both of these things have been circumvented in more modern games. 1. I really disagree that there are too many types in Pokémon, and I think that there should only be more. Yes there's a...
  17. Celever

    SPOILERS! Mysteries and Conspiracies of Pokemon

    Believe it or not, the thing linking all 3 of these characters is probably Buddhism. In many Japanese traditions, it's said that Shakyamuni Buddha (the original Buddha) was accompanied by two warriors on his travels: Nio and Kongorokishi. Nio fought bare-handed whereas Kongorokishi had a blade...