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  1. Booya! Monotype Water Team

    For Kingdra, try: - Draco Meteor - Hydro Pump - Ice Beam - Hidden Power [Electric] or [Grass] That should give him a little more variety.
  2. 5th Gen SandStall

    Awesome, will do. I'll change around Jellicent's EVs as well, see what I can do. Thanks!
  3. 5th Gen SandStall

    Awesome suggestions. (It's always great to hear things you couldn't think of) Suggestions that I am testing today are in Bold. I'll update after testing them out today. Thanks!! (Went back to X-Scissor last night, never going back)
  4. 5th Gen SandStall

    Threat List: (Only listing HUGE threats that I cannot figure out) Offensive Threats Deoxys-S - My WORST NIGHTMARE!!!! I have NO counters for this, at all. Excadrill - Smart players don't bring him out until the end, when every counter is gone. I need to learn to do the same. Jirachi -...
  5. 5th Gen SandStall

    So this is my first RMT. I've been stalking the RMT forum for about a month now, learning as much as I can before testing it out. Finally I decided to start battling on PO two weeks ago, and here's the best team I've come up with so far. I've tried laddering Smogon, but haven't done insanely...
  6. WIN2011 Flawless RNG Trio Giveaway (EVENT OVER, MODS PLEASE CLOSE)

    Platinum FC: 3609-6976-1025 Thanks!
  7. Dragons!!!! But What Are Their Names?!?!? (Ended. Lock Please.)

    Nickname for Dialga - Delorean Why Delorean? Back to the Freakin' Future. That's why. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. Winters Zombie's Retirement Plan! Distribution shall commence.

    I've always tried to learn new languages, but haven't kept through. Good luck!
  9. Three is the magic number

    In the words of Gordon Ramsey - "Shut it down!"
  10. African Sun

    You do have 4 Pokemon with a weakness to Rock, just letting you know.
  11. Gen V Hail

    Rotom is missing one move.
  12. Mono Color (Red) TEAM

    Most Conkeldurrs hold Flame Orb instead of Leftovers to helps activate the Guts boost (there's no stat drop from burn due to Guts). If you want Conkeldurr to have a little more power, have him hold that instead. (He stills gains health back with Drain Punch)
  13. Time to celebrate (Giveaway is over. Winners please VM/PM me)

    Name: Carracosta Item: Life Orb Ability: Solid Rock Nature: Quiet EV Spread: 252 HP / 126 Atk / 130 SpA Moveset: - Stored Power - Shell Smash - Scald - Stone Edge Explanation: By utilizing Shell Smash, Stored Power has the ability to do MASSIVE damage. EV spread helps make Carracosta a decent...
  14. Mono Color (Red) TEAM

    I would change Blaziken's Hidden Power to Grass instead of Electric. Grass can hit Water, Rock, and Ground (all your weaknesses except Flying). With the change to HP Grass, remove Agility and add Thunderpunch instead. And I would say Conkeldurr's moveset should be: - Mach Punch - Drain Punch...
  15. Mods Please lock. Winners read the thread.

    Thank you rubixlx0, got mine already!
  16. The End of the End: Mods, please close but be gentle

    But I love Dragonite!!! lol
  17. The End of the End: Mods, please close but be gentle Harry Potter Dragonite
  18. Dittos Galore! (Finished! Mods, please lock. Distribution postponed until Tuesday!)

    @Princess of Johto I would love a Safari Ditto. Thank you.
  19. The End of the End: Mods, please close but be gentle

    Oooo, I'm excited about this final one....