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  1. The End of the End: Mods, please close but be gentle

    Accio, thats really important in book 7
  2. V FOR... fuck it. I quit.

    Great giveaway. This is my favorite Pokemon on black/white. So I would like it: Rufflet ♂ OT: Shiro │ TID: 42440 Nature: Jolly │ Ability: Sheer Force IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31 EVs: UT │ Lvl: 1 Non-Redis
  3. the icemanu Italian shop

    CMT please Eppie's shiny deoxys Nature: Adamant Ability: Pressure Ot: Eppie Hidden Power: Moveset: Extreemspeed|recover|Counter|agility IVs: 31 HP | 30 Atk |31 Def | 9 SpA | 30 SpD | 31 Spe Avaiable as UT Level 50 Full redis
  4. Alex&Bitter - pizza shop

    Okay, then I'ld take S-Deoxys and credits. I only want to know how many credits and which Pokes you want on the banners.
  5. Alex&Bitter - pizza shop

    And S-Mew?
  6. Alex&Bitter - pizza shop

    Hmm, you Need 5 banners? In the format like your wants? Okay, I try to do that for you, but could I get S-Deoxys with semi-Rights for 2 of these banners, if they are okay?
  7. Alex&Bitter - pizza shop

    You don't Need some services? I would do everything for this Deoxys.
  8. Alex&Bitter - pizza shop

    @bitterlemon: This Deoxys would be great, I can do services like Ev training too. Shiny Deoxys (OT)(41943) Modest - Pressure 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 Taunt | Pursuit | Psychic | Superpower Notes: warp code used.
  9. Alex&Bitter - pizza shop

    @bitterlemon and alexshiny: CMT for S-Deoxys
  10. Alex&Bitter - pizza shop

    Ah, sorry. And your S-Deoxys? Do you Need a EV trainer? And if I would train a lot, could we arrange semi Rights???????
  11. Alex&Bitter - pizza shop

    Hi Alex, I can EV train how many you want without any credits to get this awesome Mew with semi-rights Timid - Synchronize 30 | 15 | 30 | 31 | 31 | 31 Softboiled | Transform | Counter | Metronome warp, event enabler codes used japanese name and if you need more training Shiny...
  12. Superwolfe's Pokemporiem Now with B/W

    Okay superwolfe: My Donphan is redis, aslong as you link back to my Thread AND credit me
  13. Superwolfe's Pokemporiem Now with B/W

    about the Donphan, please link back to my threat
  14. Superwolfe's Pokemporiem Now with B/W

    I would say on Tangela: you have to link back to Deztroyas Threat and on Houndoom link back to Waffleiron´s profile. When can you trade?
  15. Superwolfe's Pokemporiem Now with B/W

    @Superwolfe: CMT for MY Jolly/Sand Stream 22/31/18/25/23/31 Ev'd Version: 252 Speed 252 Atk 4 HP No UT version Knows Pursuit Semi-Redis and Snow Cloak/Adamant 31|31|31|31|31|31 UT version LV 1 No EV'd Version Notable Moves: Curse Fully Redis
  16. _Nape95's Trade Thread

    Hey Nape. Schau mal in meinen Basar ob du was für dein Shiny Arcani brauchst. Ansonsten kann ich auch was für dich EVn. Sind semi-rechte verhandelbar? Wäre ja schade drum wenn es in meinen Boxen vergammelt. (spreche jetzt einfach mal deutsch)
  17. Closed

    Could we arrange semi-rights?
  18. Closed

    Need some Pokes from your threat. CMT please. Or do you need EV training?
  19. RockinX and OmegaDonut's Pokémon Privacy

    Thank you very much for all the great Pokés.
  20. RockinX and OmegaDonut's Pokémon Privacy

    I have the Kyogre, yet. I wanted the Suicune for Dunsparce.