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  1. jamashawalker

    SM UU Offensive Mega Sceptile Monkeying Around

    Team Composition: I was running a stall team and it has a huge problem with Freeze Dry Mamoswine. So I went to the mamoswine page and saw it does good when partnered with Mega Sceptile. So I immediately started team building an offensive team along side Mega Sceptile. It's been fun applying...
  2. jamashawalker

    ORAS UU SSJ3 Ampharos Agility

    This team focus's around around a clean sweep with Mega Ampharos. A Modest Mega Ampharos has just as much power as a Timid Choice Specs Raikou. An understimated 165 Base Special Attack makes it have the highest base attacking power in UU. Something completely overseen. 252+ SpA Mold Breaker...
  3. jamashawalker

    ORAS Ubers Darkness Reigns

    Introduction: Had a discussion in the main forum about teams not being creative in Ubers or how difficult it is to be unique in the uber metagame. I still believe it is tough to be creative. So far with this team I sorta had to throw things on a dart board in hopes something would stick and...
  4. jamashawalker

    ORAS UU Priority Rain

    Team at a Glance Just your typical rain team ran with Mega Swampert. Nothing special other than fun shenanigans from Liepard. Team Building Process At first I wanted to make a team revolving around the amazing synergy betweenTornadus-I and Mega Swampert. From there I went to another good...
  5. jamashawalker

    XY UU CQC Close Quarters Combat! Balance

    At first I was just fooling around with the idea of nostalgia. Using an old team with only Gen IV Pokemon paired along with Infernape and Lucario. Two of Gen IVs best offensive Pokemon. With that in mind the team started off with just pokemon thrown in without any thought. Started like this...
  6. jamashawalker


    Overview ######## Unique typing typing couple with a unique ability allows for great resistances. Checking major threats such as Keldeo and Terrakion. Other than its Attack stat, all of its other stats are below average. A very diverse movepool allows it to be unpredictable. Though relies...