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  1. Hm

  2. wow you're a mod now. mr. big shot

    wow you're a mod now. mr. big shot
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh discussion

    mine is 'I'vemetMeganFox
  4. Raikou (Analysis)

    with only Golurk being immune to its moves. and Shedinja as well.
  5. Azumarill (OU Analysis) [QC 0/2]

    I actually brought up an idea for a potential Azumarill analysis a year ago but it wasn't meant with much enthusiam (which makes sense, im iffy on it atm). I hadn't tried it then and I never ended up pursuing it, so I'm glad its getting a chance now. I haven't talked to anyone else on QC...
  6. The World Cup of Pokemon VI - Signup Thread [NEW UPDATE: Post 643]

    PO Username(s): Meganfoxx Country/State of Residence: Connecticut Nationality: Dutch/Italian
  7. Day with an Absent Deity (Round 1)

    i sent eternal a VM 7 days ago, no reply yet
  8. Official NBA 2010-11 Season Thread

    I don't quite understand the Mike Brown hate; he should do a solid at worst job for the Lakers. He is one of the best defensive coaches in the league and his offense really isn't bad like its claimed to be. According to an ESPN analyst, the 09-10 Cavs had a higher Offensive efficiency mark than...
  9. Uxie (Analysis)

    I would mention Psychic as an option on the support set (slash it in with heal bell maybe) so Uxie at least has something to deal damage with outside of U-turn.
  10. Froslass (Analysis)

    If Leftovers is the Main option, Froslass should be more defensively EV oriented in order to lay more potential hazards and spinblock throughout the game. Making the HP EVs 252 and moving the defense to 4 should suffice. However, I think the 252 SpA spread with sash should be mentioned in AC...
  11. Magnezone (Analysis)

    I also think there should be a Specs set. While Zone doesn't necessary need Specs to deal with Steels (although the extra damage does help vs Ferrothorn), the boost helps a lot against other Pokemon that Magnezone may come across (Tyranitar for example). Magnezone can use all the power it can...
  12. Crobat (Analysis)

    I also think that Taunt + Roost should be a set. Steel Types aren't as much of a concern when you realize you have Super Fang + Taunt to weaken them and prevent Skarm/Forry/Ferro from laying Hazards. I also disagree with the premise that this is outclassed by Deoxys-D; the typing is very...
  13. Dragonite (Analysis)

    Do the HP EVs on the Offensive DD set and the CB Set actually help D-nite take any particular attacks? I don't believe listing Max Speed to speed tie at minimum other D-nite's is classified as Speed creep. I think it should be the way to go, the speed could be make it or break it.
  14. Spiritomb (GP 2/2)

    QC APPROVED (2/2) Looks good edit: okay approval will be rescinded until you sort that out edit 2: I approve of the Curse set, talked to SM64 on IRC
  15. np: UU Suspect Test Round 1 - Sunny Days

    I'm with LN on this; everyone seems to be pinning the brokenness of Sun on Victini. While Victini is definitely extremely dangerous, I think other sun sweepers (particularly the chlorophyll Sweepers) pose the larger issue. They have to me anyways, such examples include SD Sawsbuck or Growth...
  16. Quagsire (OU Analysis)

    this still needs another check i believe
  17. Ninjask (Update)

    QC APPROVED (2/3)
  18. Spiritomb (GP 2/2)

    I also think a SpD variant is the way to go; your beating machamp anyhow and the EVs are necessary to beat the special attackers that Setsuna listed.