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  1. Silverwhiteblue

    Doubles Milotic [QC 2/2] [GP 2/2]

    Milotic has good bulk and a good defensive Water typing that renders most attacks neutral, offering its team a defensive backbone and a good switch-in to sponge most attacks. Its access to a good range of supportive moves like Icy Wind and Scald alongside reliable recovery is also noteworthy...
  2. Silverwhiteblue

    Doubles Ferrothorn

    [OVERVIEW] Ferrothorn finds its role in doubles as a great, hard-to-take-down pivot that can also take strong resisted moves and recovering the lost HP due to its access to Leech Seed. Its Grass / Steel typing also renders Ferrothorn a huge threat that can also close out games with its high-Base...
  3. Silverwhiteblue

    Doubles Teambuilding Shop V2 (DOU, DUU, DUbers building open)

    approved by kamikaze , Memoric , Level 51 Banner by awesome user: Sparkl3y Now building for DUU and DUbers as well! Hey guys and welcome to the new doubles ou teambuilding shop! After a deep slumber we're back again with new builders, and i'm proud to be running this project. As most of...