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    ORAS NU Sry, I'm late

    Hy guys, it’s me :] After my break I got back into mons, especially NU again and this is the team I had the most fun and success with. I built it during the Tauros Suspect. After I got the reqs in like 2-3 hours I was bored and wanted to build a team about a cool core. Luckily I found the NU...
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    Other [PU] Eskapade - Peaked #1

    Hy guys and welcome to my first ever RMT here on Smogon. I'm from Austria and have been playing competitive 'mons since 2008, mainly lower tiers. I started playing PU in BW and it's been one of my favorite tiers ever since. Why Eskapade? Just a great tune I enjoy :] But let's get started...