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  1. 12-XVI

    Rejected Add All Unown Forms

    Pokémon Showdown! only has the Unown-A which limits people in the forms of Unown that they can use. This has gameplay significance in Gen Ⅱ. In Gen Ⅱ Unown's form and shininess are dependent on it's DVs and therefore the form and shininess gives information about Unown's DVs. This in turn gives...
  2. 12-XVI

    Other Metagames [National Dex OU] Stall With a Bit of Offense that Wishes to Win

    Right now I'm 20th on the ladder with a GXE of 83.3%. I'm not really good and I did not expect to even reach top 500, so it's a pleasant surprise. I did change the team a bit during laddering but not much and it seems to have improved from the changes. The Team Team Description Aggron @...
  3. 12-XVI

    Unown Sprites are missing!

    There is only Unown-A! But I want to use other Unowns! And in gen 2 this actually has gameplay significance in addition to the cosmetic significance due to the fact that both the form of Unown and Hidden Power depend on DVs, resulting in the form of the Unown giving away information about its...
  4. 12-XVI

    Speculations on the new Porygon* from gen 8!

    For those who have not noticed every gen 2^n that came out thus far has introduced a Porygon*. The next gen 2^n to come out will be gen 2^3 which is gen 8. Hence gen 8 will have a new Porygon*. Personally I hope it will be either a new prevo (breaking the tradition of a line never being longer...
  5. 12-XVI

    ORAS OU Regenerator Stall

    I need some help with my stall team. It is doing pretty well (Currently (2015-3-12 22:03) I have a rank of 1711 in the ladder, which is pretty good for my standards). But I have difficulty improving it. Overview: My team is really stally, because I love stall. It is not uncommon for me to...