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  1. Myrmidon

    XY OU Passive Damage

    my Chomp's rarely taunted, and when it has it's never been an issue. I DO really like the Landorus, and I'll likely give it a try...Intimidate is somethign I do really want...Rocky Helm + Rough Skin, however, is very sexy. especially lategame when I use him as a sacrifice to get another 'mon...
  2. Myrmidon

    XY OU Passive Damage

    Merkur_Lampe I like the Chomp changes - but I'm confused somewhat. still Impish? change to Jolly, what? also, 240HP/12DEF/252Spe? w/lefties? I do really like the helmet, but if it's gotta go, it's gotta go, I guess... I'll give Ferro's spread a try - does it help me survive any particular...
  3. Myrmidon

    XY OU Passive Damage

    I actually like Tank Garchomp. I've had very few instances where I've been displeased and, for the most part, I've had little to no trouble with opposing dragons. when they switch in, they usually get Dragon Tail'd back out. As for Poison Jab, it's actually quite amazing: 0 Atk Garchomp...
  4. Myrmidon

    XY OU Passive Damage

    ok, so basically, I wanted a team that focused on complimenting powerful attacks with passive damage - this is what I wound up with, and what I peaked at 1500 with. Azumarill @ Assault Vest Ability: Huge Power EVs: 240 HP / 252 Atk / 12 SpD / 4 Spe Adamant Nature - Knock Off - Aqua Jet -...
  5. Myrmidon

    Item Concept

    So, my wife and I were talking about this the other day, and I figure that here would be a better place to talk about this sort of thing. What if there was a hold item that allowed a Pokemon to have a 5th move? Hypothetically, and for balance issue, something like being able to hold TM13, and...
  6. Myrmidon

    [OU]sticky stall, newbie team

    as a fellow sticky Web enthusiast, I can't recommend a Defiant or Competitive user enough. You care about your web, and you want to minimize the chance of it leaving you as much as possible. Given your use of stall (VS my use of aggro), I'd give some some serious consideration to Milotic or...
  7. Myrmidon

    Sticky Stuff

    thanks, Luis, for saving me some typing space :P I tried Volt Switch, and (strange as it seems), I like Rain Dance a lot better, and I'm finding I'm using it more often than I'd use a Volt Switch. As much as I DO like Muddy Water, I suppose you're right...I haven't had much issue with Heatran...
  8. Myrmidon

    Sticky Stuff

    wow, I haven't done one of these since Gen4, but here goes. I saw Sticky Web, and immediately fell in love. I had, therefore, the idea to come up with a team that uses slightly-slow bulky Pokemon, and smashes people in the face with them. I considered things like M-Garchomp, but never quite...
  9. Myrmidon

    Baton Pass - its role in the metagame and possible solutions to nerf full Baton Pass chains

    ok, I know I'm not exactly on the top tier of play right now, but I have to ask a question: Why not just ban Speed Boost? The original plan for banning Blaziken over Speed Boost Blaziken (and, therefore, making a complex ban) was that Blaze Blaziken wasn't worth saving. By banning Speed...
  10. Myrmidon

    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    I keep seeing people in my "passerby" list on PSS having odd trainer classes. For example, Ace Trainers, Psychics, and Gym Leaders. Is this due to AR, or is there something on Trainer Customization that I haven't stumbled across yet?
  11. Myrmidon


    trying to breed moves over to an Eevee, wound up with this on a Pichu. Charm Encore Bestow Wish
  12. Myrmidon

    Apprentice Program: Round Fifty Five

    Username: Myrmidon Age: 25 Shoddy Username: Des_Myrmidon Your timezone and usual hours of availability: GMT-5. 9PM-Midnight weekdays, most times weekends (unless something comes up) What tier do you want to learn?: DP OU Tell us a little about yourself: I'm looking to better myself in Pokemon on...
  13. Myrmidon

    Apprentice Program: Round Fifty Three

    Username: Myrmidon Age: 25...I feel old... Pokemon Online/Shoddy Username: Des_Myrmidon Your timezone and usual hours of availability: Eastern (GMT-5) 10PM-1AM weekdays, all day Saturday. What tier do you want to learn?: BW OU, DPPt UU Tell us a little about yourself: Been playing since...
  14. Myrmidon

    The Same-Type Tournament (Round 1)

    activity post, still no response from my opponent...I'm seeing a decent amount of DQs coming through on this first round...or whatever gets done to people who don't reply for a round...
  15. Myrmidon


    I love how everyone is commenting on "a reliable, special rock move", but I have yet to see Weather Ball Roserade anywhere except my own teams... Give it a try, it's neat... also, yes, Castform needs an evo...but so do a LOT of things. If you really want to use it, though, why not design a BP...
  16. Myrmidon

    The Same-Type Tournament (Round 1)

    contacted my opponent.
  17. Myrmidon

    Want to write for The Smog? (Yes, you do!)

    @ Porii nice idea, but not quite what I had in mind. I'm thinking "an intro to competitive". a team writeup that says "216 EVs on Gliscor to outspeed Lucario" doesn't say WHY he wants to outspeed Luke. Not the best example, I know, but it kinda gets my point across (I hope). I'm hoping for...
  18. Myrmidon

    A beginner's guide to distributing EVs [gp 2/2]

    you comment on 252HP for Shuckle for max bulkiness, but wasn't it figured out that 248 was best, due to SR? Same with Scizor, and a few others. I know, Shuckle was an example, but since you touch on Gliscor outspeeding Lucario, I would also like to see this touched upon. That and the whole...
  19. Myrmidon

    The Overcoat Crusade

    a thgouth on Crawdaunt; wouldn't a 75BP Brick Break, complimenting Crunch for type coverage, be a better option than a 60BP Aerial Ace? AA only helps against grass, I think... X-Scissor would also work as a VS grass attack, though you only hit neutral against Tropius and Psn/Grs types, if I...