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  1. Cybertron

    Cybertron's VGC Trade Thread (Updated 1/27)

    3DS FC: 4012-3786-7082 3DS Name: Cybertron IGN: Aaron Zheng ID: 26754 What I Have: *SHINY* Kangaskhan | Jolly | Scrappy | 31-31-31-X-31-31 (2 normal 5V for 1, or shiny for shiny) Scraggy | Careful | Intimidate | Fake Out, Quick Guard | 31-31-31-X-31-31 Scraggy | Adamant | Intimidate | Fake...
  2. Cybertron

    np: Taylor Swift - Love Warstory

    "So you think you're a champ or something?" Look At What We Started A VGC 2012 Regional Warstory, by Aaron / Cybertron. Introduction The title refers to one of my favorite rappers, Hoodie Allen. His new album "All American" came out just a week before Regionals, and motivated me...
  3. Cybertron

    Start Strategizing for the Spring Regionals! - Play! Pokemon Article

    Looks like Pokemon's back with more articles. This one's a general description of teams that we'll be seeing at April Regionals. (Rain, Sandstorm, Trick Room, Goodstuff) Not a bad article for beginners, and it was a decent read. Check this for the original link, the article is also posted below...
  4. Cybertron

    VGC '12 United States National - Indianapolis - WON by Cybertron and Wolfey

    Indiana Convention Center [ Map ] Hall I 100 South Capitol Ave Indianapolis, IN 46225 Phone: +1-317-262-3400 ‎ The US National Championships return to Indianapolis for the third year in a row! This time, there will be no qualification requirements aside from having a US address to call...
  5. Cybertron

    The VGC Spotlight: Featuring 2011 Regional Champion Robbie "biffsterPKMN" Miles!

    Welcome to The VGC Spotlight! The most recent interview was with Robbie Miles on June 2nd, 2012. Check out any past interviews below. Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Aaron Zheng, also known as Cybertron and the current United States Seniors VGC National Champion...
  6. Cybertron

    VGC '12 Northeast Regional - Philadelphia, PA - Won by JiveTime & KeepBayleefing!

    Pennsylvania Convention Center [ Map ] 1101 Arch St Philadelphia, PA 19107 Inside the Convention Center: Rooms 201 ABC (Seating for 560) Juniors and Seniors Registration: 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Play to start by 10:30 AM. Masters Registration: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM. Play to start by...
  7. Cybertron

    Cybertron's VGC 2012 RI Regional Warstory!

    Just it. Cybertron's VGC 2012 RI Regional Warstory "You may not know, but I'm a pretty big deal." - Babbytron Dedicated to Brendan Zheng, the strongest Junior out there. Introduction So, I didn't really think I'd write a warstory this time around since I feel like not too much...
  8. Cybertron

    VGC '12 New England Regional - Providence, RI - WON BY Charzaro [And Babbytron]

    Countdown: TODAY! Rhode Island Convention Center [ Map ] 1 Sabin Street Providence, RI 02903 Registration Opens: Sun, Nov 13th, 2011 at 9:00 AM Registration Closes: Sun, Nov 13th, 2011 at 9:45 AM For the first time, Pokémon is combining their Trading Card and Video Game...
  9. Cybertron

    I guarantee this will make you want to play VGC - Cybertron's 2011 Worldstory

    Voted the best warstory of 2011 by the Smog Awards! Posing with only like 50 of the coolest people ever. No big deal or anything. From 17th Place to 1st to 17th... A VGC 2011 Worlds Warstory, by Aaron / Cybertron. Introduction This is always the long part... in fact, none of it even...
  10. Cybertron

    Pokémon Worlds 2011 - Cybertron's Pictures!

    So with Worlds taking place this weekend, I thought that many of who aren't able to come would enjoy pictures of the event / the city! I'll be updating this thread every day with pictures from the day. I hope you guys enjoy! Day 1 consisted of touring the city after a long flight. We rented a...
  11. Cybertron

    Take it Easy! Trainer! - VGC 2011 National Senior Warstory

    If you liked the warstory, feel free to Luvdisc the thread :D Thinking hard in the finals... Take it Easy! Trainer! A VGC 2011 National Warstory, by Aaron / Cybertron. Pro-Prologue WARNING: I probably repeated a lot of things here as I did in my Washington DC warstory. Still, I...
  12. Cybertron

    The Rise of the Zheng Dynasty - Washington DC VGC Warstory

    To start off: My brother and I went a combined 16-0 and won both the Juniors and Seniors division. Boss. (Maybe we'll finally be known because getting 3rd and 4th last year...) Hey guys, Cybertron here, and here’s my warstory of the Washington VGC that took place yesterday. (It’s going to be...
  13. Cybertron

    Korea Competing in VGC 2011?

    I heard that it was confirmed Korea will me participating in the 2011 VGC's. Does anyone has a link to that? More so; discuss! How do you feel about their addition to this year?
  14. Cybertron

    Mr. 17th Place - A Very Late Nationals Warstory

    Mr. 17th Place - A VGC National Warstory by Aaron Zheng Hi guys! Aaron/Cybertron/Serendipity here. Yep, this is my Nationals warstory! I'm sorry this is so late, I kinda lost motivation when I got back from camp but well now it's finally up... Background Information... For those that don't...
  15. Cybertron

    Abomasnow used Blizzard! Palkia avoided it! Kyogre avoided it! oh ffffuuuu

    ...damn I'm short. Chalkey, TTS, matamato, me. woo. Top 4 Match Live! Hey guys - Serendipity (Cybertron on IRC) aka little azn dud here. Warstory time! So as many of you may know, me and my Juniors brother both made Top 4 today (so close to a family sweep again, ah well.) I'm not even going to...