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  1. Battle Mechanics Research

    Would the following scenario allow for two Megamon in a party? I activate M-Lucario. Opponent activates M-Charizard. I switch in a Ditto with Imposter. Do I now have a M-Lucario, with a M-Charizard on the field?
  2. VGC Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Mark II

    I want to use an Abomasnow that knows Giga Drain in the Fall Regionals. This is a TM in Gen IV, and a Move Tutor move in BW2. Will my Abomasnow be found ineligible if I: RNG in BW > Transfer to BW2 > Move Tutor > Transfer to BW > Compete in Tournament Will I instead need to RNG in Gen IV...
  3. The Strategy of a Champion - Play! Pokemon article on RI Regional Junior Winner

    Explaining EVs even to people that know the game well, has been a struggle for me. It's almost as if the site is doing the audience a service. This analysis creates more questions, but not a ton more. Perhaps future iterations of the column will shine more light on the specifics. I'm pretty...
  4. The Strategy of a Champion - Play! Pokemon article on RI Regional Junior Winner

    Cruised over to this morning to find a new article featuring a breakdown for one of our own. Or one of our own's brother. Not sure, just remember seeing it all over the RI coverage. Sorta blowing up his...
  5. TheAwesome128's Giveaway!

    Random Number: 37!
  6. Jirachi's! Best Nickname?! (Event over, mods please close)

    I would call mine GizliSalah, which means 'secret weapon' in Azerbaijani. I'd go with this because Jirachi doesn't rely solely on it's power, but on the numerous added effects that it's moves can carry or.. their secret weapons.
  7. Winters Zombie's Retirement Plan! Distribution shall commence.

    I'm currently learning Latin.. I feel your pain! Best of luck with Korean!
  8. Oblivion Awaits! Part II.

    Lottery Spot #27 Desired Heatran: HP Grass Image Name: Reasonable Dissent In viewing the image, my mind immediately drifts to the fractal images that I google every time I get a new computer at work. Setting my background to an image in which I can get lost has a certain appeal around three...