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  1. Blizihguh

    Metagame Ultimate Z

    Yeah, fair enough with the stabs. Now that I'm thinking harder about how this meta works, I don't think you real need dazzling gleam/air slash at all; you might as well do Fire Blast or Flamethrower for STAB with Flynium/Fairium and coverage as a non-Z move, Aura Sphere/HP Ice for coverage, and...
  2. Blizihguh

    Metagame Ultimate Z

    Flinch Me Daddy (Togekiss) @ Flyinium Z/Fairium Z Ability: Super Luck EVs: 164 Def / 252 SpA / 92 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Tailwind - Dazzling Gleam - Air Slash - Flamethrower Haven't gotten a chance to try this out in UZ, but it's fun (if kind of silly) in BSS and on paper I love it in...
  3. Blizihguh

    BH Balanced Hackmons

    You might as well run Draining Kiss over Milk Drink imo, at +4 spa you should get alright healing and this way you don't immediately get forced out by dark types on a set where you only really have one shot at setting up
  4. Blizihguh

    Programming Speed tier utility tool

    Howdy! I don't actually do much but lurk here (except for one post I made about a dumb gimmick set when I was new to BH ^^;), but I saw this and figured some code I have might help. I run a Skype bot that does, among other things, some informational commands about pokemon stuff (think showdown's...
  5. Blizihguh

    Balanced Hackmons Viability Rankings Thread

    I nominate Imprison + Transform for B. I'm not entirely sure which it should go in - apart from one other person, I'm the only one I've ever seen use it, but I was able to use it to decent success on the ladder. It has troubles with spore, taunt, and substitute, but if you have a teammate who...