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  1. About 7 Kidz

    Metagame SM PU Alpha (playable on PS!)

    I think Dartrix is a really interesting mon due to its pure versatility. Its stats are alright for a potential eviolite mon. 78/75/70 defenses with healing. (no leech seed tho) I know a lot of mons could potentially be leaving or joining PU so i dont really know what to calc but this mon does...
  2. About 7 Kidz

    Gen 6 PU Viability Rankings

    Would like to nominate this mon to C+ or B- Swalot i feel is pretty decent in the meta considering it can take on Machoke quite well with Pain Split and Sticky Hold/Rocky Helmet. The residual damage that helmet put onto Machoke is good especially if they are not Rest/Talk. If they are rest/talk...
  3. About 7 Kidz

    FU Metagame Discussion Thread (Heat Rock has been banned)

    Easier said then done but im up to the task. Like you said starts as a small playerbase. i think we as a community have the ability to do such. They said that just because PU became a tier doesnt mean FU is next. But we can change that and do these things to grow it and make like the old PU and...
  4. About 7 Kidz

    FU Metagame Discussion Thread (Heat Rock has been banned)

    Sad to see Gary step down and sad to see this metagame not played cuz its really fun. I would do anything i could to help but i dont know much to do. :/
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    Metagame np: Stage 9 - Shake It Off

    Yeah those are nice options but then the Sawk moveset changes and runs Zen Headbutt which does a number to all straight poison types while still hitting the Plume. I think an issues is easily picks its checks. 252 Atk Choice Band Sawk Zen Headbutt vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Vileplume: 204-242 (57.7...
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    PU is now an official tier!

    We made it! I did nothing but play PU but we did it.
  7. About 7 Kidz

    Project Undiscovered NFEs [REPLAYS REQUIRED]

    Also an underrated mon imo Lairon @ Choice Band Ability: Rock Head EVs: 168 HP / 252 Atk / 88 Spe Adamant Nature - Superpower/Toxic - Earthquake - Head Smash - Iron Head So Banded Lairon is a HUGE threat that not many things can really switch into. Many physical walls or walls in...
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    Project Undiscovered NFEs [REPLAYS REQUIRED]

    Sliggoo @ Eviolite Ability: Sap Sipper EVs: 248 HP / 8 Atk / 252 SpD Careful Nature - Rest - Sleep Talk - Outrage - Curse I've been using Sliggoo as a SpD wall and was needing a little more offense on a team so i ran this set. I've seen it before so i cant take credit for it. I...
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    Resource Ask a simple question, get a simple answer: NU Edition

    Why does it have such a high usage stat in RU? was it since the Jolteons running HP Water for Mega Camel, (which they have gastrodon for) or they just wanted a gastrodon like mon with rocks?
  10. About 7 Kidz

    NU Smogcast

    I dont have anything to add rn.. but i just want to say Nice Job guys.. Wish u would of talked about new meta a tad more.. but well done.. :)
  11. About 7 Kidz

    Metagame np: Stage 6 - The Boys Are Back

    we will see if they actually decide it is.. If it is dropped thats a HUGE threat in the tier with some versatility in WoW and Taunt..
  12. About 7 Kidz

    Metagame np: Stage 6 - The Boys Are Back

    Lol I love how Probopass is always the anti-meta.. Ferroseed got big we just bring in Probo to HP Fire trap it.. Now with Magneton we just Earth Power. The based lord. Also Fletch isnt that bad run a Lanturn.
  13. About 7 Kidz

    Resource NFE Threats in NU

    In NU it really has no niche however in PU it does but thats a different tier which i wont get into.. Roselia can put up spikes and Plume has Black Sludge for passive recovery.
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    Metagame EFFECTIVE Creative / Underrated sets - NO BAD GIMMICKS, THEY WILL BE DELETED

    I like these kind of threats so i might as well post something i like running with some sort of wish passer, probably Lickilicky. (sorry if classified as "shitty gimmick" Snubbull @ Eviolite Ability: Intimidate EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD Impish Nature - Earthquake - Thunder Wave - Play...
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    Ask a simple question - get a simple answer: PU edition

    It can also do well as a Stealth Rock, Wish passer. With access to Seismic Toss
  16. About 7 Kidz

    Gen 6 PU Viability Rankings

    Both of which are relevant.. but idk if there is neccesarily a reason to run that over Whirlipede
  17. About 7 Kidz

    Gen 6 PU Viability Rankings

    Just curious what lead to the Cleafairy drop.. not that at matters too much, im just interested to know. Thanks
  18. About 7 Kidz

    Gen 6 PU Viability Rankings

    Quiladin for B+ Has great bulk even without eviolite access to spikes and recovery.. Overall solid mon.. Easy to make defensive core around..
  19. About 7 Kidz

    Gen 6 PU Viability Rankings

    Wish PU had a little more activity :( I agree with Probo where it is.. a lot of mons can beat it one on one.. Although it is really good..
  20. About 7 Kidz

    Metagame np: Stage 4 - Celebration (Feraligatr Banned)

    So the special set of feraligatr is hard walled by Frillish and depending on what the physical runs, (i know ice punch, waterfall, DD/SD and filler.. If its anything other than aqua jet its pretty SOL..