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  1. Gintoki's Breeding Ground. LF:HP Ground HA Eevee

    I have a Timid 31/x/30/31/31/31 Solar Power HP Ice Helioptile with Glare I'm interested in HP Fire/Giga Drain Bulbasaur, but is there any way you can get a Modest Chlorophyll rather than Timid?
  2. Remove the VGC from the Room List

    Their staff is corrupt, their forums are also corrupt, they do not deserve to be a part of Showdown.
  3. I was banned from the VGC room on Showdown for no reason twice.

    I was banned from the VGC room by TalkingLion for no reason. I was unbanned due to a server reset, then I told the room I reported Biosci, who banned me for no reason last time. Then he banned me with the ban message "(you can go ahead and report me too)" I think the VGC room should be shut...
  4. VGC Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Mark II

    Quick Guard stops fake out/sucker punch if you know they're gonna use it once you get trick room set up, it shouldn't be too much of a problem
  5. VGC Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Mark II

    Has Outrage been changed this Gen? Because I haven't struck my teammate once yet
  6. VGC 2014 Forum

    When's it gonna be added?
  7. Pokémon Kangaskhan

    I faced a Khan that survived with a good amount of HP left. Not sure if it was fast or bulky.
  8. We must band together as a community, and force TPCI to ban Dark Void once again.
  9. Other Creative / Underrated Sets Thread (Read the thread, NO SHITTY GIMMICKS)

    Smeargle @ Power Herb Timid/Jolly 252 HP 252 Spe Geomancy Substitute Spore Baton Pass
  10. Pokémon Smeargle

    This is what I run Smeargle @ Power Herb Ability: Own Tempo EVs: 252 Spd / 252 HP / 4 SDef Timid Nature - Baton Pass - Geomancy - Spore - Substitute
  11. Item Red Card

    Klefki can put up screens and almost ensure that it won't get OHKO'd so then it can use the red card and spread paralysis or potentially card another pokemon if it uses recycle
  12. Pokémon Talonflame

    How much Sp. Atk is needed to kill Ferrothorn/Scizor/Forretress or other 4x weak Pokemon in one hit from Fire Blast or Flamethrower? A magic number or specifics for each of them would be fine