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  1. Dole Duck

    SS OU [Gen 8 OU Team] Heavy Lobster

    I can take a look later if you want, yes. It will take a few hours though as i'll have to test the team as an entirely new team
  2. Dole Duck

    SS OU [Gen 8 OU Team] Heavy Lobster

    Good day Sarcastrus! I must say i like your team, but i will have to agree with theotherguy that fast VoltTurn does not provide :crawdaunt:Crawdaunt with much support. Nonetheless, i believe the team has potential, and i'll leave you my thoughts as to waht you can do, and then it'll be up to...
  3. Dole Duck

    SS OU First ever G8 OU team

    Good day, mr/mrs DeZined! As it stand, im afraid that GravelMouse and cleann are correct. Your team is not viable for Gen 8 OU as it is. I mean no offence by this, bu ti looked you rname up on pokemon showdown to see your ranking and noticed you are not sitting too high on the ladder. That is...
  4. Dole Duck

    SS OU Bulky Offense - Scarf Zolt 1533

    Good day aqualad33, apologies that it's taken so long for your team to receive a rate. This is a very solid team, and after looking at it i can say that it doesn't struggle that much and is quite usable as it already is, i am however going to share my opinions on threats and changes that could...
  5. Dole Duck

    SS OU Rate My OU Team Please

    Good day Kec Meister! It's too bad hearing that your team struggles to get past 1500, but i do want to point out that players tend to get drastically better starting at around 1600, so it may very well mean that you will over time find it easier as your playstyle improves! :) I will, however...
  6. Dole Duck

    SS OU My first competitive team ever Gen 8

    I am not offended by your way of speaking, but as i said i did not like the way you put forward your opinion in the beginning. We do disagree greatly on Seismitoad, obviously, and i will stand by it still, but you did point out a pokemon such as Kommo-o which can do the same, most important...
  7. Dole Duck

    SS OU First Pokemon Team in 15 Years

    I do agree. The team seems pretty solid. I do want to make a small suggestion though, building on Mr.Serize's rate; For :excadrill:Excadrill, you may want to try having the item be :occa berry:Occa Berry og :chople berry:Chople Berry. The occa berry halves damage taken from any supereffective...
  8. Dole Duck

    SS OU My first competitive team ever Gen 8

    Mayckron, as said i am done arguing on the matter, if you read through again you may notice why i claim it is as HO as it orignaly was after my rate, but if not, honestly, i am done with arguing. I stand by everything. The same goes for you, if you check the edit log you will see he added...
  9. Dole Duck

    SS OU My first competitive team ever Gen 8

    That was added at a later time after i made my reply. Check the edit log and you will see this
  10. Dole Duck

    SS OU The Great Red Crayfish SWSH OU

    This is single format for the OU ladder om pokemonshowdown. The regular OU, not the National Dex :)
  11. Dole Duck

    SS OU need some help to improve team

    Hello, samsamkaria! I would like to say i actualy like your team a lot, and i think it has a lot of potential! :) So there are a few difficulties i can imagine it faces, so im going to try and help you with those by making a few changes. I'll explain each change as we go. :) What you should...
  12. Dole Duck

    SS OU My first competitive team ever Gen 8

    Yes, he is trying to critique "my sets" and the non-viability, im not denying he is, atleast that isnt the point im making. My point is he's not doing them in a very contructive way, and purely saying he disagrees or believes my suggestions are bad without providing alternatives and reasons as...
  13. Dole Duck

    SS OU My first competitive team ever Gen 8

    I see you disagree, but i will defend my rate. I have listed the reasonings behind my recommended swaps, and i think you fail to see as to why i've made these. I also need to point out, that if you do disagree, please post your explanations as to why. What you are doing here is first of all...
  14. Dole Duck

    SS OU My first competitive team ever Gen 8

    I dont have discord atm, bu till let you know if i ever see the need to get it ;)
  15. Dole Duck

    SS OU Rain team

    Good day, mr/mrs. Quinnsp! I'd like to start off by saying that Dynamax is officially banned in the Gen8 OU-metagame ;) For your first time making a team i'd say you did pretty good, though of course there will always be some rough edges in the beginning ;) My tip for you there is to not focus...
  16. Dole Duck

    SS OU The Great Red Crayfish SWSH OU

    I must say that i can't find any major flaws with this team. It deals with the common threats to BO, pokemon such as dracovish, dracozolt, dragapult, weather teams, togekiss, scarf users and so on. It has a strong breaking core of dual dark types. Crawdaunt has always been a favorite of mine...
  17. Dole Duck

    SS OU My first competitive team ever Gen 8

    Good day mr/mrs. Jaystreet! :) Welcome to competitive, and i hope you're having fun so far :) I'd like to start off by saying you are correct, this is a very hyperoffensively-based team, though its not a balanced team, but HO is a great playstyle for people who are trying to get into...
  18. Dole Duck

    SS OU I am meta

    Good day! I'd like to start off by saying i love your team :) I'm personally a big fan of scarf Hydreigon and seeing ev-spreads that are thought-out! So my first impression is that this, obviously, is a bulky offense team, built around pivoting against common threats to bulky offense, primarily...
  19. Dole Duck

    SS OU SS OU Aegislash/Hydreigon Core

    The aegislash spread sounds like a good idea, but remember to check other calcs to see taht it doesnt make i tloose to other walls ;)