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  1. PlatypusPrincess

    Fusion Evolution

    Parents - Trapinch x Shuckle Shared egg group - Bug Offspring name - Traple New type - Ground/Bug New base stats - 43/65/148/38/148/18 Ability - Arena Fat: Works like Arena Trap, but it automatically consumes a holded berry if damaged by an attack (Even berries which wouldn't have an effect...
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    Other oupl shit-slinging/general talk thread (dank memes ITT)

    Take dis chokolate melk :::::DDDDD
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    Official Smogon Tournament XI - Finals [Won by WhiteQueen]

    This threads need some fancy music.
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    Other The Don's ORAS OU Team Building Compendium

    I can explain some of the super niche things you don't get. Stealth Rock Offensive Users: Custap lead like Skarm which can beat Starmie Stallbreakers: Shed Skin. Pretty much the only reason why this thing is even worth mentioning. Fast(110+)/Weather: Has less weaknesses ... I don't really...
  5. PlatypusPrincess

    np: ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 3 - Ghosts [Giratina-O remains in Ubers - check the OP]

    So the whole Giratina thing is brought up. It might be balanced. This thing hates every little bit of damage it might take. And when I say every little bit, I mean every little bit. It's only way of recovery is rest. That move which gives up a shit ton of monumentum unless you carry something...
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    Other ORAS OU Viability Ranking Thread V2 - Check Post #2500 PG. 100

    If you post something ridiculous like that it would be wise to have an impressive ladder rank or an example of someone with a high ladder rank using this thing. I would say you should ladder a little bit, show some high level replays and then you can come again and post about that, because if...
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    Other ORAS OU Viability Ranking Thread V2 - Check Post #2500 PG. 100

    It actually seems like it can separate itself from Mamoswine and Azelf. Mamoswine can't blow up to create momentum and to avoid a removal of the pebbles. It is also rather slow. Azelf on the other hand lacks Endevour. Archeops can kill itself and use Endevour to cripple stuff. And unlike...
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    Resource Don't Use That; Use This (ORAS Version)

    I'm still curious why people try to use rapid spin on Donphan. It has decent attack, a rather colourfull movepool and a decent ability, and yet people focus on Rapid Spin and do not try to use it's other features. Why won't these people just max out the attack stat, slap a damage increasing Item...
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    Gods and Followers [OLD THREAD, PLEASE LOCK]

    PRAISE THE SUN!!! I'm seriously considering making Solrock my god.
  10. PlatypusPrincess

    Mega-Salamence: considering a quick ban (Don't ask for the thread to be closed!)

    Just ban it already. We didn't suspect test Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, and Arceus to ban them, so why exactly should we wait with MegaMence. Like the legendaries stated, MegaMEnce has an unfair combination of bulk, power and movepool which makes it too much to handle for the meta. If MegaMence dosen't...
  11. PlatypusPrincess

    Megas For All (Read the whole 1st post and check current slate)

    Mega Miltank Typing:Normal ---> Normal/Rock Ability: Thick Fat/Scrappy/Sap Sipper --> Rollin' (Rollout and clones inflicts damage over five turns, the base power gets tripled (*3) instead of doubled) 95/80/105/40/70/100 --> 95/110/135/50/85/125 I don't need to explain this.
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    Other XY OU Viability Ranking Thread (V3) (Rank changes are over until ORAS)

    1. It's not weak to Aqua Jet is no reason to use Stoutland over Excadrill. It can't be revenge killed by a Top Tier threat where it's better counterpart is revenge killed is one. A tiny tiny reason, but a reason. 2. Having a move with a base power of 102 not counting Stab coming off from a...
  13. PlatypusPrincess

    Other XY OU Viability Ranking Thread (V3) (Rank changes are over until ORAS)

    Definition of D-Rank True. However, you have to agree that it can do something Excadrill can't do. Yes, Excadrills qualities are way better, but Stoutland still has this small thing going for itself. I guess thats what the D-Rank is for. For bad or outclassed Pokemon that yet manages to...
  14. PlatypusPrincess

    Other XY OU Viability Ranking Thread (V3) (Rank changes are over until ORAS)

    Well it's not 100% outclassed. It avoids the 2HKO from Choice Band Azumarrils Aqua Jet without rocks and EVs in defense. It needs 116 Defense EVs to always avoid the 2HKO, While being able to OHKO it most of the time with rocks. Granted, it's damage output is worse and it's lacking a set up...
  15. PlatypusPrincess

    Noobmons(Playable on Aqua Server!)

    I'm not usually the guy who says OMG SO BROKEN, but Kyurem-B needs the banhammer. Also: Rotom-Frost will love this meta.
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    252+ SpA Choice Specs Solar Power Charizard Blast Burn vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Suicune in Sun: 355-418 (87.8 - 103.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock GG.
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    No Guard Galaxy

    Raichu @ Life Orb Trait: Static/Lightningrod EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Sing - Nasty Plot - Thunder - Surf (Ability must be Static)/Grass Knot This thing is fast, can put things into sleep, can set up and has nice coverage. Practically a mini Darkrai.
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    Rotom-Fan Wrecks at Worlds

    I'm a fan of this battle.
  19. PlatypusPrincess

    Your Teambuilding Philosophy

    1. Take something random. (Ariados, for example) 2. Analyze the Metagame. 3. Make a set that has the highest chance to be sucsessfull (Sucker Punch, Shadow Sneak, X-Scissors/Poison Jab, Sticky Web for Ariados) 4. Make a solid team around it. 5. Peak something around 1800 on the ladder of the...
  20. PlatypusPrincess

    Combo Battles!!

    Dark Pulse/Shadow Ball+Dazzling Gleam or Dazzling Gleam+Dark Pulse/Shadow Ball: Twilight Sparkle Base Power of Dazzling Gleam/(Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse) is 120 Defense Curl+Rollout/Iceball: Daisy me rollin' +1 Priority on Rollout/Iceball. Sunny Day+Moonlight: Cycle of day Uses Moonlight...